CINCINNATI — At least two 911 calls reported monkeys were on the loose in a cemetery overnight, but as of Thursday afternoon police had not yet found them.

The report may have been misinformation, but Cincinnati police Sgt. Jacob Hicks said Thursday morning they were taking it seriously. No officers have reported seeing the monkeys in St. Joseph Cemetery.  

Stephen Bittner, president of Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society, which owns the cemetery, said he checked security cameras but saw no activity. 

The cemetery does have a flock of wild turkeys, he added.

“Wild turkeys nest in trees,” he said. “So the question is, ‘were they nesting in the trees,’ because whoever filmed and put (the video) on social media, it was (seen) through the power lines because you can see the power lines in the video.”

The video circulating on Facebook shows three dark bodies in the trees, but it’s too dark to tell what they were. 

Bruce VanHook, who manages the cemetery, was there at 6:30 a.m. 

“Between him and I, we have patrolled for probably the last two hours and we cannot see anything that is similar to a monkey,” Bittner said.

The cemetery property borders privately owned woods that stretch about a half of a mile away, he said.

At least two calls were made late Wednesday to Cincinnati police about the reported monkeys, but dispatchers were not able to make further contact with the callers, police said. 

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