When it comes to weddings, gifts are an essential part to congratulate any couple on their nuptials. Traditionally, guests bring everything from gold and silver to home appliances to gift to the bride and the groom. As a big surprise, a couple in Tamil Nadu got petrol, gas, and onion as a gift during their wedding ceremony

The video of this unique gift of onions, gas, and petrol has since gone viral. Since these three commodities have become so expensive recently, there is no doubt that they make for a very useful gift for the newly married couple.

Netizens reacted in amusement to the image of the friends bringing an LPG cylinder, a gallon bottle of petrol, and garlands of onions for the bride and the groom, gifting them on the wedding stage and getting their picture clicked. The newly married couple of Karthik and Saranya can be seen smiling and enjoying this great turn on a wedding day gift.

The couple wearing onion garlands posed for some clicks with the guests who brought these thoughtful gifts as the cylinder and the petrol was showcased on the front.

The video clip shared on Twitter elicited many likes and retweets and some funny comments. Watch the video here:

“Tamil people are savage,” wrote one user, remarking on how these gifts provide a commentary on the constantly rising prices of these commodities in the market. Some called the idea and the gifts precious and even “priceless”.

Here are some hilarious reactions to the video:


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