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Naidunia Abhiyan: Congress leader got street lights repaired in Muktidham, will now do this to solve other problems

Publish Date: | Tue, 14 Sep 2021 : 57 PM (IST)

Naidunia Abhiyan: Gwalior, Naiduniya representative. The condition of Chandan Nagar Muktidham, which comes in ward four of the energy minister’s assembly constituency, is bad. Here people had to perform the last rites in the dark due to the shutdown of street lights. This problem of the common man was published by Naiduniya in its Monday issue. After getting information about this, Congress leader Sunil Sharma reached the spot on Monday itself and got all the street lights fixed. There are still many problems in Chandan Nagar Muktidham, which the Congress leaders will meet with the Municipal Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner on Tuesday to get them resolved. In Chandan Nagar Muktidham, the last rites have to be performed with wet wood. Here, keeping wood in the open gets wet in the rain. Due to being wet wood, their weight increases. Due to this 400 kg of wood is about 320 The percentage becomes the weight of the water. There is not even a tin shed to protect from rain and sun. About 14 thousand people live in the area of ​​Muktidham. In such a situation, three to four funerals take place here daily. In Muktidham, people have got a hand pump to quench their thirst, but there is no cleanliness here. There is no drainage space here, due to which it is always full of water. Due to this, mosquitoes etc., which bite the people of the area.

narrow road, the public is troubled People have cut illegal colonies around Muktidham. Due to this the road has become very narrow here. People have to face a lot of trouble in commuting from here. At the same time, there is very little space to park a car outside Muktidham. There is not a single watchman in Muktidham, due to which stray animals keep roaming inside it.

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