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41 thousand farmers got the registration done, the price of wheat increased in the market

41 thousand farmers got the registration done, the price of wheat increased in the market

Publish Date: | Mon, Mar : 58 AM (IST)

Mandsaur (Naiduniya Rep). To buy wheat on support price 35 days this year more than thousand farmers of the district have got registered. There is a possibility that this month 35 support price from March But the procurement of wheat will start. Here the registration has ended and the preparations for wheat procurement have started. At the same time, the prices of wheat have also started rising. Wheat has been sold in the mandi up to a maximum of Rs 2565 per quintal. At the same time, farmers are also getting the minimum price 2000 per quintal. Whereas the government has fixed the price per quintal of Rs 582 to the farmers on the support price. In such a situation, due to higher prices in the market, the farmers are more inclined towards the market. Last year also, half of the farmers had not sold wheat on support price even after registering. Per Quintal 58 to

    per quintal has increased by Rs. Right now the harvesting of wheat crop is going on. Meanwhile, the arrival of new wheat has started in the market. Prices are also rising. Wheat procurement on government support price 35 proposed from March Is. The government support price of wheat 2015 is Rs. But at present, traders are buying wheat in the market at the rate of Rs. So the farmers would prefer to sell to the traders instead of selling them at the support price. At the same time, the officers of the supply department have started preparations for the purchase of wheat. Other preparations are being made from the procurement centers to the ordering of the boon. In the district to sell wheat on support price this year 35 During the day registration 40 thousand

The farmers have got the registration done.

1. ) Wheat has been produced in lakh hectare area

This year due to above average rainfall, there was enough water in the wells of the fields as well as the major reservoirs. Seeing that there was no problem in irrigation, the farmers sowed more wheat. According to the Agriculture Department, this year the farmers in the district 1. Wheat has been sown on lakh hectares of land. Along with the weather, the wheat crop has got good results. Due to which the production of wheat is also expected to be bumper. The arrival of new wheat has started. Wheat price also from 2000 to 2500 Due to being up to Rs. in Mandi on March 4000 Sack of wheat arrived. At the same time, the price to the farmers is from 582 to 58 Received price up to Rs. per quintal. Whereas the price 2015 is fixed at the support price. In such a situation, farmers are preferring to sell wheat in the market due to higher prices in the market.

For sale of wheat on support price in the district Thousand 373 Farmers have registered. Wheat procurement is likely to start from March . Preparations are being made for this. Other preparations are going on including the procurement center.

-KC Upadhyay, District Manager, Civil Supplies Department

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