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Startup Ideas – 10 Handmade Business Ideas (2020)

Startup Ideas – 10 Handmade Business Ideas (2020)

It’s time to know who is the last business standing.

Really the list I am giving you today are some business markets that have stood the test of time and continues to make millions of sales and profit.

If you’re looking for ideas to start your handmade business. Without further ado, here are top 10 handmade business ideas.

I help makers, artists and designers create a consistent income from selling their handmade products online.

1. Print on Demand T-Shirts.

You’ve probably heard of this by now or you’ve seen ads everywhere for this. You create your design for your t-shirts and a printing company will do all the fulfillment, which means printing your design on t-shirt blanks all the way up to even delivering that order to your customers for you on your behalf. It’s hassle free. You don’t have to worry about actually making physical products and you can just focus on creating the designs.

Believe it or not, this print on demand industry can make even a small business of less than five people make millions of dollars in sales every year. As long as you know what the current trends are and what the demands of the market are in this business, you can really get creative. You can use your own calligraphy as quotes on your designs or if you’re an illustrator or an artist, you can draw your own art or graphics on the t-shirts.

What’s really cool about t-shirts is that people always need t-shirts and they’re always going to keep buying them and your designs are literally walking advertisements because people wear them and take it with them wherever they are. Just make sure you do use high quality t-shirt blanks if you decide to go this route.

2. Furniture Make-Overs up Cycled or Refinished Furniture or Woodworking.

Most of us have a furniture laying around that we may want to either throw away or sell off, but to other people, this has become a booming business which became trendy just in 2017 and this often requires little to no capital. Most of the work is really just hard work and time. You can often find materials for cheap at local hardware or home improvement or even online stores. This business idea can really pay off because you can demand quite a bit of money when you’re pricing your services and your products. What’s trending currently are farmhouse or rustic styles? Honestly, I think it’s really pretty. They’re super in demand and a lot of people want to setup their homes with this type of look.

3. Knitted Products.

Best sellers on the market right now are large wool knit it, blankets that are famous not only for how soft and comfortable they are, but also how effortless and beautiful it can make a living space look. Other different knitted products you can think of selling that are trending right now are scarves, finger warmers, sweaters, beanies, or even a knitted mouse toy for the year 2020 for those of you who follow the Chinese Zodiac handbags. The thing is these days people love a personal touch and uniqueness to their things and what is the thing that women carry around the most? Their handbags. Not only are handbags practical, I could not leave my house without mine, but they have also become status symbols for some women. So give your customers the option to personalize their handbags and you will make them super happy. You can design your purses and handbags to sell in brick and mortar stores or for your online shop. And think about all the different options for materials and styles that you can make them in, which means your possibilities for what you can make are endless. And you can get really creative with this. What’s trending are hand painted tote bags and premium designer bags.

4. Costumes.

So many people love to be in costume. It’s fun, right? But it’s hard to find good costumes for sale at just regular party shops. And making one from scratch is a painstaking process to go through, right? That’s why this business is great to be in because it is so time consuming. It’s hard to find great costumes. So the supply in the market is pretty low. There’s just not a lot of competition. And while it does take a while to make just one costume, don’t give up. Persevere because this is a great business to be in. When you can figure out the logistics, you can do whatever everyone does and sell your designs once you’ve made them and do a big launch for every completed piece or sell your costumes on a pre-order basis so you don’t make it until you have the money in your pocket and the sales are finalized.

You can target thousands of different costumes, events across the country, like there’s even a vampire ball in Los Angeles every year, or even target wardrobe or costume style is to work on movies or TV shows like the Witcher. I don’t know if you watched it, I’m a fan, but wouldn’t that be super fun to see your work on TV caricature art? Everyone loves a good laugh whenever they see a good caricature of their face and think about the fun memories and experiences and new conversations people will have with those drawings. Caricature art is one of those things that just make people smile. It’s a conversation starter and it makes for such a fun gift and what I love about it is it’s personalized to the customer. Like what I was saying with handbags, people absolutely love it when they can buy a product that’s customized or personalized to them.

5. Greeting Cards.

Greeting cards are always the top of Etsy product sales on their reports and I have so many friends who are artists or painters or illustrators or hard calligraphers who sell just greeting cards and who make a really good living with just that. It’s a staple. Lots of people need and buy greeting cards on the regular and I can guarantee you your opportunities for selling wholesale is huge because most stores need greeting cards. Remember to target big special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays because this is where the demands are on the all time high. Make sure you get your shop set up online and you’ll see sales spike up during these seasons, especially if you do your marketing right.

6. Soap

Who doesn’t need soap? Everyone needs soap for basic hygiene and so the demands are constant, right? Plus it is a consumable product which means once it gets you to stop, people need more soap and if you make a good product people will come back to shop from you again and again so your repeat sale game is going to be stronger than most other types of businesses.

7. Bath and body products

Bath and body products use only a few ingredients to start with as well. You can really customize it to however your customer wants or what their desires are. You can add fun scents and experiment with different moulds for different shapes and just really make it your own. The current trends for this are shampoo soaps.

8. Packaging Jewellery

People are looking to minimize plastic waste from packaging jewellery. Are you surprised to hear me say jewellery? Yes, jewellery is a highly saturated market to be in, but people will always buy jewellery, just like t-shirts. There are so many ways you can make jewellery, so many materials to choose from. Beads, metal stones, leather, clay, glass. It’s like the possibilities are endless.

9. Personalized Jewellery

Another potential idea for you is to make personalized jewellery where you let your customer design some elements of the piece, whether that’s hand stamping their name on the jewellery or maybe choosing certain colours or even getting a photo of their pet printed on the necklace.

10. Abstract glass paintings.

This is unique because, for a lot of other artists out there, we’re used to painting on canvas, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to stand out, what’s trending right now is to consider using glass for your paintings. You could even get into making tutorials and teach people how to do this in person as like fun live events that people can book with you. And then after the event, sell your originals for a bigger profit margin sale. I’ve seen a lot of artists get into this lady, and I think it’s a great idea and a neat way to make a living.

So those are my 10 on-trend, handmade business ideas that you can start this year. Let me know in the comments which ones interest you the most, or if you’ve got a totally different idea. I would also love to hear about it too.