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Startup Ideas – Start Business With No Money in 2020 (Business Ideas)

Startup Ideas – Start Business With No Money in 2020 (Business Ideas)

Do you want to start a business?

So today we’re going over six business ideas that you could start today in 2020 with no money.

So people definitely have this misconception that online businesses for some reason are so expensive to start and I’m like “No, you literally could get started today with not even a dime.” It’s really cool with the power of the internet, because being able to start a business is right at your fingertips.

But in today’s article, I’ll go over six business ideas that you can start and even one of them I’ve been able to generate multiple six figures.

Start a Poshmark Store.

What the heck is Poshmark? I just found out about it, it’s an application on your phone or on your desktop computer that you can download for free and it is a application where you can buy and sell online clothing. So it is a little bit fashiony, but it is really cool because there have been some sellers that I’ve came across that have said they’ve made like 8,000 dollars with Poshmark in the past sixty days, almost 4,000 dollars in profit that this girl made on the application. It is really insane and I’m like “Whoa,what is this Poshmark?” and so again you can download this app free in the application store Android or iPhone and you can sell used clothes online.

You can also sell accessories, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and even home decor stuff like throw blankets, pillows, curtains, you name it, you could probably sell it on Poshmark. You just can’t sell things, awkward things, like old makeup. Like,that’s kind of it’s kind of gross, right? Who’s gonna want to buy old makeup? And so one of the girls that explained her Poshmark story and how she was able to generate $4,000 on the application in just under three months she said that the key for her was doing some thrifting.

So what is thrifting? That means going to thrift stores and finding some hidden gem, so brand clothing that is marked way down and that is hardly used in these thrift stores, and they definitely exist. She says she has a monthly routine where she’ll go thrifting two to three times a month and pick out these outfits and these clothes so that she can sell them on her closet in Poshmark. So closet is kind of like the profile that you have on Poshmark once you set up your profile. It’s kind of like an online store, you’ll have to take pictures of the clothing and make them presentable online, put a little description and once you have your closet, what you want to do, she told me to be successful, if you want to share your closet and you want to interact with other users on the platform. So you want to follow people because 95% of people will follow you back and so the key, just like any other social media platform, is you want to be active on the platform. It’s not easy, I mean, it’s not the easiest thing to make four grand by selling clothes online, so you have to put some effort into it.

But she said that when she started, for a year straight, she was just kind of selling an item here and there but once she got focused and wanting to really generate more revenue on the application, once she started thrifting she said it was a game changer. So that is one business idea you can start for free and get started with the clothes that are in your closet.

2. Event Planning Business.

Now this one really is cool because this is something that I’ve had experience from friends that have very successful event planning business. One of them was a personal assistant and she was planning so many events, being a PA, for a certain company – I think the CEO of a certain company, she’s like “I’m really good at this event planning thing” so she went solopreneur and started making events on her own and bringing in a lot of revenue and now her business is doing easily over six figures and it’s projected to do a million in revenue this year because of the clientele that she’s hosting and planning events for, right?

And so another woman that I know, she actually quit her job this year because what she would do just for fun is plan events all around the world and she would invite friends from around the world, local friends and then they would tell their friends and their like “Yeah, there’s this huge party in Dubai, it’s luxurious, and it costs this much and it’s such a great time” they would be like eight day parties, or something like that. So now she has a full time worldwide event planning business, and I contacted her in the other day I’m like “Do you really plan events anywhere in the world?” Because I’m like “Hey, I would love for you, in the future, to plan a mastermind or a conference event for me” and she’s like “Yep, I can do that for you” and I’m like “Wow.” So the demand for people wanting other people to take care of the logistics and the complicated stuff of event planning is very, very in high demand right now. Let’s just put it that way. If a business wants to host an event, people’s time are very, very valuable and they want other people to do it, they want to outsource it to somebody who already has gone through the process of signing contracts, getting event venues, food, music, whatever you need to plan this event, it is something that they want to outsource to an event planner.

And so one way to start this business, if you’re starting from complete scratch, is build out your profiles on Google, on Yelp, advertise your jobs on Craigslist if you don’t have a website, and nowadays it is extremely easy and very cheap and it’s not free. If you do WordPress and Bluehost it is super cheap to have a website, a really nice website, and a hosting service for about five dollars a month so that you could have your event packages, your pricing, people can book a call with you, but in the beginning when you’re first trying to get clients, again the idea is you would start at a cheaper rate and as you get those testimonials and as you build up your experience, you can raise the price son your website and in your business.

3. Brand-Builder.

Now what is that? I actually just made up the name, but it is an amazing idea and these businesses exist, but this is exactly how I would do it, and this is what I mean by a brand-builder: there’s so many beginning entrepreneurs and solopreneurs out there that need help building their rent, building a website, having an e-book, having a membership site, getting up and started because they’re just focusing on getting their first sale, they’re focusing on getting and sustaining their thousand dollars per month and that revenue so they could survive with their new business as an entrepreneur, but what they don’t understand is that they really need to make their branding better because without good branding it takes even longer for a business to go, because I know, personally, once I started focusing on my brand it was a game changer for my business.

So as a brand-builder what you could do is get a cheap membership service to a platform called Karcher. I’m going to use this example, you can get a monthly membership for about $80 a month and people are like “Oh my gosh that’s a lot, I thought you said this was free” and you’re right, it is $80 a month, however, if you get your first 5 clients you could easily make back that money, so let me show you what I mean. So I’m actually in my Karcher account right now, and this platform basically is like a all-in-one business platform and that’s why it starts at $80 a month, because you literally don’t need any other tool when you have Karcher, and so the idea is if there’s a creator out there or a solopreneur entrepreneur, you can hit them up and be like “Hey, what I could do for you is I can create a cool branding website for you” because they have personal branding pages.

So you can easily select one of them and edit them very easily, all you do is come here and edit the launch creator, and so what you would do is you would come here to the launch creator and you could edit out this photo and put a picture of them, you can choose, you can change all these colors, they have an about me section, so this is basically a website, this is a web page, and so they can get started with this website, and you could say “Hey I’ll build this for you for free and you can test it out, try it out for free for the first two weeks and if you like it you can subscribe to Karcher your self and with that I will even include and build you out a eBook or a membership site,” because with Karcher you have the possibility to build a membership site, which means who ever has Karcher can build a digital course, you can start to create an email list, so essentially, you would get them started, you could offer to build a sales funnel.

So this is more of a web page, but if you go back to Karcher they have different squeeze pages right here, where you can, it’s really easy, just edit the template, so this makes a learning curve for you and the learning curve for them really simple but you would be in charge of their branding, so making sure that they had all their pages and their websites looking good, like all the colors are the same, their images look good, so you could help them out by creating simple landing pages and websites for them in no time, and the cool thing about it is when your clients sign up for Karcher, they will use your affiliate links, so then you’ll start to get recurring commissions from this Karcher sale, so eventually you do these services for free and give this to the entrepreneur that needs it and then they will eventually need more and more from you, and then you could charge more for your services as time goes on.

And so you may be thinking “Well,how could I get my first clients or my first prospects for this business” and I’m like “It’s easy!” What I would do is I would go to free Facebook groups where there’s a community of affiliate marketers, marketers who are into e-commerce, even different types of business owners, like hair stylists or whoever needs it. Really, it doesn’t matter what businesses this is, if they’re getting started in their business they need this I would go to free Facebook groups and say “Hey, any affiliate marketers out there need a website and a template for blah blah blah I’m giving it away for two weeks for free I’m going to test it out to see if you like it, hit me up if you’re interested and I will build out a free website for you and you can choose it completely for free for two weeks.”

4. Content Creator.

So picking a platform, a podcast, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, TikTok is a big one nowadays, but picking any one of those platforms and creating content. So the idea would be to master your first social media platform and get good at making content for that platform, start to build an audience, and so the idea is you would create content around things that you’re good at or that you were passionate about in any field, in nutrition, relationship coaching, cooking, whatever it is you’re good at, you could create content around it and even blog posts or websites, you can build a blog and get SEO traffic to your blog. Content creating is a business in itself and it shouldn’t be a daunting task because you don’t have any audience or any subscribers because now having a small niche specific audience is very powerful and almost preferable sometimes by different companies who know that the person who is creating that content, their audience is very dedicated so only if it’s an audience of a thousand people they know that if they were to do a brand deal or sponsorship with you for helping them promote their product, they would pay you and also get a lot of sales from your content which would bring affiliate commissions for you.

So there’s so many opportunities like affiliate marketing, where you get commissions for selling other people’s products that come up when you become a content creator, building an audience is a very, very powerful thing especially when you start from the ground up and do it organically. And so, obviously, I’m a full time blogger and I started this website less than one years ago and I’m already at 50 thousand subscribers which is a huge blessing for me and it’s given me all kinds of opportunities, including the ability to make six figures online. If you are looking for solution to start a website then start here.

5. Course Creation.

Now this is probably, next to YouTuber, my favorite but the reason why is because not only is course creation or the course education industry going to be a billion dollar a day industry by 2025, the cool thing is you can create a course around your life experiences, things that you’ve overcome, things that you’re an expert at,things that you’ve accomplished, things that people ask you for advice on, it could be anything you really have to hone in and figure out what you could teach, I mean, for example, like my mom, she’s like “What can I teach a course on” I’m like “A lot! Like, you garden, you’ve had three kids, like you could make a course on how to be a mom and have a kid who’s 14 years older than the other,” I mean that’s a real thing with me and my sisters, but it really is.

And the other day I saw a really cool course it was about a veterinarian who teaches other up-and-coming veterinarians how to have a fulfilled career as a veterinarian, and so the great thing about a course is that you could make it completely for free, you could make it in video form, they don’t have to be high quality HD 4k videos, they can be simple videos you make from your phone or your laptop, and you would upload these videos onto a free platform, for example, called, where it’s completely free, and you can you know drive traffic through course marketplaces where you put your course on a marketplace and there’s traffic on there, people looking for different topics and so it really is you create it once, then it when you sell it it becomes passive income and the great thing about it is you can reach a lot of people.

So instead of just being able to help 40 people within a year, maybe if you’re doing it one-on-one, you could reach 4,000 or 5,000 from people that find your course and they don’t need to work with you, because they can see and go through all the information that you have in your course on their own time.

6. Coaching and Consulting.

So you could be a coach, you could be a consultant, those terms are kind of used interchangeably nowadays,but the same thing kind of applies to selling the course. So if you have an expertise on anything, you can consult people on it, and there’s websites like, where if you have expertise in marketing or business and I think other types of financial things, you could go to that website, create a profile, it’s absolutely free, and you can start charging people per minute for them to call you and book you so that they can talk to you about their problems and you can help them solve their problems. And so consulting and coaching is really cool because you get to really, really get in close with your clients and understand what their problems are and from the beginning what each person will need, so it’s really a informational thing that you can offer to your clients.

As a matter of fact, one of my friends in the online coaching space, she became a one-on-one consultant this year and she started out low and charging prices for her one-on-one clients, but quickly she got in high demand because people were getting results from her and she got a whole bunch of recommendations, but she ended up doing six figures easily within four months of opening her one-on-one coaching business, and just letting people know on your Facebook, on your Instagram what exactly it is you do, what problem you do, you’ll be surprised how quickly and organically you can get your first clients to work with one on one.

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