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How to become a travel agent

How to become a travel agent

How to become a travel agent.​

In this article i share my own experience how i started my carrier to become a travel agent and this will help you a lot for starting up your carrier as travel agency, so read this full article how to become a travel agent.

Nowadays travelling is very popular, everyday millions of people travel by train, by flight, by bus and by cab for work, business, education and some for their interest and hobbies. So the demand of travel agent is more in everyday life.

A lot of people travel to different countries if they have opportunity. Travelling allows people to get interesting experience, learn about people’s life in other countries and continents. I think it is very interesting to discover new things, new places and different ways of life and culture. While on travel you meet new people, try different meals, see world famous places with your own eyes.

Most of the people live in the cities due to pollution and work stress they want hangout. So it’s natural that they want to go on vacation and relax to see nature or mountains.

“Travel agents are still a good idea.”​

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1. Planning​

Planning is key of any business, proper planning is essential for successful business. Some of point to be consider are:

  • Startup cost.
  • Who is your target customer.
  • Who is your competitor.
  • Name of your travel agency.
  • Register your business.

Startup cost.​

Travel agency business is service providing business so you don’t need a big money for starting up. It costs very little to start a travel agency business, you need a small place where you can build your office, so its rent is also less and nowadays some people also like to work from home and travel agency business can be operated from anywhere, but you need an advertisement to tell people.

Who is your target customer.​

In this business it is very important whom will be your customer. You just want to book flight, train, bus, etc. ticket or you want to become a holiday planner or you want both to book ticket and holiday planner, then you have to make this plan.

Who is your competitor.​

Today the competition is very tough due to the internet, many big companies are doing their business online and everyone searches on Google in mobile nowadays, so you will have to keep your price very low so that you can gain customer trust. But I will explain everything to you in this article so that you can earn a good margin in this competition business.

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2. Register Your Business.​

The registration process is easy in India, you only need GST registration, so according to the government law of your country, you should complete your registration process. It is very important if you work legally, you will not face any problem. You must register the license of your business so that if you want to spread your work, you do not have to face any kind of trouble and sometimes it stops our work and according to the law of our country we have to windup our business or we have to pay a penalty, which also reduces our business and we do not able to spread our business much.

3. Open Bank Account.​

Open a current account in any bank for your business, you must have bank account for your transaction. For opening an account you need name for account, ghumasta licence, and id proof and other document as per bank rules.

4. Establish Your Agency.​

After research and planning now it’s time to start your business. In startup advertise your self not in newspaper or any other media sources but mouth to mouth advertise, tell your client to tell other people how they like your services, from this you get trust of your client and a goodwill in market, and by doing this you will be strengthened in market.

5. Contact Supplier​

This is very important topic to discuss, for travel agency business you need supplier to book flight ticket and hotel booking. There are 100’s of supplier in market and there is tough to choose but i will suggest you some big travel supplier from India whom you can get competitive price and good commission.

GDS Supplier​

A Global Distribution System (GDS) is operated by a company that enables transaction between service provider, mainly airlines, hotel and travel agencies. The GDS mainly uses real time availability (for eg. number of seat available in airlines, number of rooms available in hotels) to service provider. All IATA agency use GDS and that’s why all travel agent like to work on GDS.

Here are popular GDS provider: 

  • Amadeus
  • Galileo (Travelport)
  • Sabre Red

B2B Hotel Supplier​

  • Travel Boutique Online (TBO)
  • (B2B)
  • OYO Rooms
  • Tripjack (By Atlas Travels Online)

And there are so many Hotel supplier’s available you can contact with them at your city or state office.

B2B Airline Supplier​

  • Tripjack (By Atlas Travels Online)
  • B2B Riya Travels
  • Travel Boutique Online (TBO)
  •  Vicky Travel Tourism

This are best travel agencies gives you good commission and they have available almost all LCC and GDS airlines.

6. How To Earn Profit.​

People think that the travel agency business does not have a very high profit margin, but I do not think so, as per my personal experience you can make a lot of money from this business, but for this you have to sell some services (such as flight tickets, holiday trip or hotel booking) do not charge more when selling, always charge only a little. But if the customer has come to change or cancel the ticket or travel or whatever service, then charge enough money at that time, no one knows how much you are charging from them.

Here are some travel agency you can contact them:

Hope you like my article and it will help you to start your new business with success.