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Bhoomipujan of Lord Shiva family temple construction

Bhoomipujan of Lord Shiva family temple construction

Publish Date: | Wed, 15 Dec 582 05: 52 PM (IST)

Thandla (Naiduniya News). Bhoomi Pujan was performed on Monday by Gawli Samaj, Sanwaliya Seth Temple Private Trust Committee to establish Lord Shiva family at the local Sanwaliya Seth temple. Let us tell you that two years ago, on August 5 2020 by the society, the Bhoomipujan of the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya was done. On the same day, Bhoomi Pujan was performed for the construction of the boundary wall behind the Sanwalia Seth temple in Thandla. In the Sanwaliya Seth temple, the demand of women and men was being made from the society and the temple committee for a long time, now it was resolved to establish Lord Shiva family along with performing Bhoomi Pujan. In the establishment of Shiv family, any person in other society can contribute in the form of donation. A receipt for the amount paid by you will also be provided. Pt. Dwarka Prasad Sharma and Bittu Bhatt got the Bhoomi Pujan of Lord Shiva family done in the program. In this construction 75 thousand rupees by Gawli Samaj Mahila Mandal, NaiDunia Local thousand rupees self. Yashoda Bai, Mr. In memory of Kashiram Mehta, 6 thousand 100 of Maniram Mehta, Support amount was provided by Pappu Doga Mehte of Rs. In the program, the head of the society, Nanu Patel, Kannu Morea, President, senior members Mangilal Morea, Chunnalal Morea, Bherulal Mehte, Munnalal Morea, Ramesh Hammal, Nagin Rara, Chhotu Patel, Mangilal Moti Mehte, Fakira Mehte, Pannalal Rara, Tulsi Rara, Gopal Rara , Youth Team, Kailash Rara, Bharat Mehte, Hitesh Mehte, Sachin Patel, Dinesh Morea, Mahila Mandal and other members of the society were present in large numbers.

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