The prime minister also jointly inaugurated with Seychelles president Wavel Ramkalawan a solar power plant, a court building and 10 community development projects

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New Delhi: Seychelles is central to India’s vision of Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR), Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday after handing over a fast patrol vessel to the island nation at a virtual event.

The prime minister also jointly inaugurated with Seychelles President Wavel Ramkalawan a solar power plant, a court building and 10 community development projects.

The patrol vessel as well as the three other projects were part of India’s development assistance to the strategically located island nation.

“India and Seychelles share a strong and vital partner in the Indian ocean neighbourhood. Seychelles is central to India’s vision of ‘SAGAR’ – ‘Security and Growth for All in the Region’,” Modi said.

Referring to the handing over of the patrol vessel, the prime minister said India is committed to strengthening the maritime security of Seychelles.

Modi also said that India was able to supply essential medicines and 50,000 doses of ‘Made in India’ vaccines to Seychelles during times of need.

“Seychelles was the first African country to receive the ‘Made in India’ COVID-19 vaccines,” he said.

In his brief address, Modi also talked about climate change and said it poses a special threat to island countries.

“Therefore, I am happy that today we are handing over a one-megawatt solar power plant in Seychelles built with India’s assistance,” he said.

India has been expanding cooperation with several island nations including with Seychelles at a time when China has been trying to widen its influence in the region.

In his comments, Ramkalawan said his country wants to deepen ties with India and added today’s event as a “defining moment in the annals of bilateral ties”

The new magistrates’ court building in the capital city Victoria is India’s first major civil infrastructure project in Seychelles built with grant assistance.

It is a state-of-the-art building that is expected to substantially enhance the capacity of the Seychelles judicial system and aid in better delivery of judicial services to the people of the country.

The 50-meter-long fast patrol vessel is a modern and fully equipped naval ship that has been made in India by GRSE, Kolkata, and is being gifted to Seychelles under Indian grant assistance.

The one-megawatt ground-mounted solar power plant at the Romainville Island of Seychelles to has been set up under India’s grant assistance.

The 10 high impact community development projects (HICDPs) are implemented by the High Commission of India in collaboration with local bodies, educational and vocational institutions.

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