Voter turnout was 88.42 percent in the Labhpur constituency in the 2016 assembly election

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The Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency of Labhpur is located in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. It falls under the Bolpur (SC) Lok Sabha constituency.

As per the voter list of 2019, there are 2,29,419 electorates and 254 polling stations in this constituency. Voter turnout was 88.42 percent in the 2016 Assembly election.

Past election results and winners

In the 2016 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, Trinamool Congress’ Monirul Islam emerged victorious in the constituency. However, Islam jumped ship to join the BJP in May 2019. He, however, has filed his candidacy as an Independent candidate.

The Labhpur assembly constituency is home to a total of 2,97,746 people, of which 95.08 percent is rural and 4.92 percent is urban population.

As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, Labhpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of Labhpur CD Block and Ahmedpur, Amarpur, Bhromorkol, Panrui, Sangra and Shrinidhipur gram panchayats of Sainthia CD Block.

The West Bengal Assembly polls will be held to elect a total of 294 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs).

Election Date and Timings

The Labhpur Assembly constituency will go to polls on 29 April as part of the eighth and final phase of the West Bengal Assembly election 2021.

Polling will start from 7 am and continue till 6 pm. An additional one hour from 6 pm to 7 pm has been reserved for COVID-19 positive patients as well as those isolating at home.

Elections for the West Bengal assembly are being held in eight phases, up from seven last time, beginning with polling for 30 seats on 27 March under phase 1, 30 seats on 1 April under phase 2, followed by the third phase on 6 April for 31 seats, the fourth phase on 10 April for 44 constituencies, the fifth phase on 17 April for 45 seats, sixth phase for 43 seats on 22 April, seventh phase on 26 April for 36 seats and last and eighth phase on 29 April for 35 seats.

The state is held by the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC with an absolute majority, with Mamata Banerjee on her second consecutive term as chief minister. The ruling party is fighting a pitched battle with archrival BJP and its allies in the NDA, while the Congress-led Sanyukt Morcha is also a key player in the fray.

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