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BJP leader attacked for grabbing the land of the temple, suspected death of the treasurer of the society

BJP leader attacked for grabbing the land of the temple, suspected death of the treasurer of the society


Indore, AboutGyan Representative. 74-year-old Pyare Lal Sahu, who lives in Karmanagar, died in a suspicious condition at 5 pm on Sunday. A suicide note has also been found near the old man. Older Pyare Lal Sahu was the treasurer of the Samaj Dharamshala. Son Hari Sahu has accused BJP Mandal Vice President Harish alias Hari Prasad Sahu, Chetan Sahu, Ravi and other associates of murder. The son says that the accused had been fighting with the father for two days. He died due to internal injuries. At the same time, Banganga police station TI Rajendra Soni said that in the case of assault, the police had cut off the check on Saturday, after the second day of the fight again, a case has been registered on Sunday. After this, the police came to know about the death. The cause of death has not been ascertained. A post-mortem will be done on Monday, only after that the exact cause of death will be known.

The son said that the father has been serving the Hanuman temple for 20 years. Four years ago he got a cow in charity. On the vacant land behind the temple, he used to tie cows and serve them. The BJP Mandal President has threatened to vacate the land several times, wanting to seize the accused land and use it for personal work. However, many times the matter was scrapped after mutual agreement. On Friday, the accused came and assaulted, whose application was given to the police. On Saturday evening, Harish and other accused accused of vacating the land again came and started assaulting them. The cutter also broke the locks of the temple. Some of the documents have been forcibly signed. At the same time, the cows tied in the temple also took them away. Has also damaged goods. After this, the hearing at the police station was also delayed due to influence. The father was hospitalized. When about 10 people from the society and family arrived at the police station, they sat for three hours. Later, he banished everyone and said that he would reach the hospital and file a case. After this, the police cut Adam’s check. In this case, former MLA Sudarshan Gupta says that the police should conduct a fair investigation. Whoever is guilty, take action on him.

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Health deteriorated after coming home

The son also alleged that he was not heard in the hospital. On Saturday, father brought him home after undergoing treatment. At around 8 in the morning, his health deteriorated again, so he brought him to the hospital again in the morning, sitting here for a long time. After this, he was taken back home and died there at 5 o’clock in the evening. When the father rushed back to the hospital again in an unconscious condition, he was again delayed.