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Case registered against 12 people who beat up

Case registered against 12 people who beat up

Publish Date: | Fri, Jan 08: 08 PM (IST)


Manavar (Naiduniya News). Farmer Harji Panwar of village Nigarni filed a report at the police station on Thursday that along with his son People were beaten up and seriously injured. On this he has been referred to Barwani.

In the report, the complainant Harji Panwar mentioned that his son-in-law told him that his son Raju was being gang-raped by the people of Banjara society. During this Raju’s car MP09, CW2022 has also been vandalized. On this information, when I reached there to save my son Raju, I was also beaten up by the accused. This has caused serious injuries to my right eye and to Raju’s body. There were around 14 people of Banjara society, which included prominent Soma son Pratap. Many people like Govind Parihar, Omkarlal Deora, etc. also witnessed the said incident. In this regard, apart from the accused Soma, Ravi son Mohan, Shivam son Mohan, Sawan son Hariya, Rajesh son Badri, Anil son Gattu, Rohit son Pitiya, Lakhan son Madiya, Butter son Madiya, Bablu son Bhura, Mithun son Shravan all residents monitoring is included. In this, Soma’s father Pratap is infamous for gambling and betting in the area. There have been incidents of threats and assault on people many times by him. In this regard, a report has also been lodged against Raju’s son Harji Panwar at Manawar police station by the other side of Banjara society. The police registered a case on the report of both the parties and took the matter into the investigation.

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