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Corona was positive, the accused was sent to jail

Corona was positive, the accused was sent to jail

Publish Date: | Sun, 09 Jan 582 08: 46 PM (IST)

Bina (Navdunia News). In the case of mobile theft, the GRP arrested an accused on Thursday and sent him to Khurai jail on the orders of the court. Before being sent to jail, the accused was sent to Sagar for investigation after taking a sample of corona in the civil hospital. The report of the accused has come positive in the investigation. Due to this, the Health Department has informed the Jail Management and the GRP and has instructed the employees who came in contact with the accused to stay home isolated after conducting a corona test.

BMO Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal said that In the test report released on Saturday night, four people from Bina, including a woman, have come corona positive. One of them is accused of theft. The GRP arrested the accused from Bina station and presented him in the court on Thursday. On the orders of the court, the accused was sent to jail. Earlier, the sample of the accused was taken for corona test at the Civil Hospital. Due to the matter being related to the health of the prisoners lodged in the jail, the Health Department has immediately informed the jail management, but the accused was released from jail on bail on the second day itself. Apart from this, information has been given to the GRP, the police personnel who arrested the accused and sent them to jail and all the staff who have been in contact with the accused have been instructed to stay home isolated along with getting the corona test done. GRP station in-charge Santosh Kerketta said that four policemen had come in contact with the accused, who have been home isolated. They have been advised to stay at home for 14 days.

Three other patients found

In addition to the accused, the report of two other people including three one woman in Saturday tehsil has come corona positive. One of them is a Bhim ward resident 31 year old female. The woman had come to the civil hospital for treatment of cold and cold, on the advice of the doctor, she got the corona state done. Similarly, the report of a resident of Kanungo Ward 43 year old person has come corona positive. Administrative officials along with the employees of NAPA and Health Department have converted the patients’ homes into containment zones. Apart from this, the report of a young man 31 year old resident of Hurkalkhati has also come corona positive. The young man has been home isolated in the village itself.

Kovid Care Center built

City Social Welfare Center due to increase in the number of corona positive patients in the city has been converted into the room of the Kovid Care Center. To keep corona positive patients 20 beds have been arranged. Apart from this, arrangements are being made for the stay and food of the patients by the municipality. If the number of patients increases in the coming days, then they will be kept in the Kovid Care Center.

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