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Electricity becoming a hindrance in Semri project, water did not reach for four days

Electricity becoming a hindrance in Semri project, water did not reach for four days


Garatganj. Navdunia News

Electricity is becoming a hindrance in the water supply from Semri reservoir in the city. In the absence of adequate power supply at the intake well, the water tanks are not filling due to which the supply is getting affected. There is no water supply in the city for four days. Due to which people are very worried for water in summer. Residents, troubled by the water, have expressed their protest.

According to the information, there is an intake well in Mahuakheda village of Begumganj tehsil for water supply in the city. From where water is brought to Garatganj headquarters. Water is supplied from line to the wards by filling tanks from the filter plant at the headquarters. Electricity is supplied from the Begumganj Electricity Company office at the intake well. At present, the power supply is said to be stalled there for three days. Apart from this, against the demand of 20 to 22 hours, electricity is being supplied only for 2 to 4 hours, due to which the water supply in the city is getting disrupted. Not only this, daily power cuts for 1 hour every 2 to 3 hours are common here, due to which chaos is spreading. At present there is no water supply in the city for 4 days. The residents of the city have become upset due to the stagnation of water supply during the heat and transition period in the city. And he expressed his protest by going to the city council office on Thursday. Citizens of Ward 4, 5 and 6 demonstrated for the demand to fix the water supply system and also informed the regional MLA and State Health Minister through WhatsApp and CMO directly about the problem. The residents of the city say that due to this power outage, they are facing problems for water for 2-3 days.

The interesting thing is that the city council officials and Semri water supply contractors have talked to the Begumganj electricity company many times but they have not paid any attention to fix the system, due to which the residents of the city are suffering and they are getting water every day. Supply is getting interrupted. A similar incident has come to the fore since 4 days and water supply is not available in all the wards of the city.

need for alternative water supply

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Due to the lack of water supply in the city due to the problem of electricity and leakage, the residents of the city are suffering from every drop of water. The Napa administration should have made alternative arrangements to get rid of the problems being faced by the residents in the midst of scorching heat for the last 3 months. So that even if there is a disturbance in the Semri scheme, water can be supplied to the people. But no arrangement was made. The indifferent attitude of the Napa administration towards this problem is also becoming a cause of trouble for the residents. NAPA CMO Ritu Mehra has talked about improving the situation many times, but she did not pay any attention towards providing facilities to the residents. This time also he says that Begumganj office has been asked several times for regularity of power supply but the situation has not improved so far. Again, the company’s officers will be informed about this and rectification will be done and senior officers will also be informed.