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Jabalpur Crime News: Two accused arrested with sword and knife as soon as the young man fell

Jabalpur Crime News: Two accused arrested with sword and knife as soon as the young man fell


Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. A youth was murdered in Gautam ji’s Madhiya Gadha on Sunday night. The two accused, Santosh Chakraborty and Tarun Chakraborty, were arrested by the police on Monday. At the same time, the body of the youth killed by the accused was handed over to the relatives after the post-mortem in the medical hospital.

Broke the car then hit it: Police said that Rahul Thakur, a resident of Garha had gone to visit Tilwaraghat with his companions, Vivek Jharia, Saurabh and Akash. There Nitin Chakraborty, Karan Chakraborty and Sachin Chakraborty tried to assault the three. Rahul and his companions ran away from there and then went to hide in an ashram. Angered by this, Nitin, Karan and Sachin vandalized their vehicles.

Sword and knife fired outside the house: It has also been revealed in the police investigation that Saurabh informed his friends about the assault by Nitin, Karan and Sachin, after which Saurabh’s friends Vaibhav Patel, Akash, Ranjit and Vivek Jharia (19) resident of Garha Sharda Chowk, including Others reached outside Nitin’s house by bike. Everyone created a ruckus there and said abusive words. Hearing this, Sachin, Gopal, Karan, Ammu, Ranjit, Vicky, Tarun and others came out including Nitin. All were armed. As soon as Nitin and his acquaintances came out, Vivek and his companions started running away. While running, Vivek fell down, after which the accused attacked Vivek with swords and knives and put him to death. Here Vaibhav, Akash and Ranjit along with one other were badly injured in the incident. Those who have been admitted to the hospital.

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There was a dispute due to playing the sound loud: According to the police, Saurabh’s dairy is in front of Nitin’s house. In the last lockdown, Saurabh was playing the sound box in a loud voice. On which there was a dispute between the two. After this, there was a dispute between the two sides on 23 December also.