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Jabalpur News: Helping People Doing Birthday And Anniversary Day

Jabalpur News: Helping People Doing Birthday And Anniversary Day


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. Her birthday and wedding anniversary are special for everyone. Every year, everyone wants to make this day memorable. But at this time the atmosphere has changed a lot due to the conditions caused by Kovid. Many people have lost their close ones, many people do not even have a meal for a time. It is the living sensations within the people that people are doing their best to help such people. It is the spirit of doing something for others that the people of the city are choosing their birthday and anniversary day for such works.

Everyday getting support: Members of Darpan Roti Bank, working to provide food to the needy, are also coming to help such people. Members said that the cooperation of such people is coming to them every day. Who are looking to make their birthday and wedding anniversary memorable by helping in the same way. Archie celebrated the birthday of Archie Singh Rajput, daughter of Advocate Sarita Singh Rajput President Rotary Club of Jabalpur East, helping the needy. Along with this, the birthday of the daughter of Nina Jain was also performed with auspicious Deep Yagna.

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Anniversary Special: Shalini Jain, the mother of the custodian of the Roti Bank, celebrated her wedding anniversary with auspicious Deep Yagna. Shubhakana Deep Yagna is a campaign of Roti Bank through which people can reach out to the needy people on their special day. Not only this, there are many people who are trying to help someone on their upcoming birthday too. Nidhi Aggarwal said that if God has made us worthy that we can use someone, then we should definitely do so. In the coming times, when we remember these days, then we will be satisfied that we too can be of use to someone.