Jabalpur News: Sports City to be built in Dumna at a cost of 50 crores


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. The dream of sports city required for sports activities in Jabalpur will be fulfilled in the coming times. For this, the scheme has been planned on the initiative of MP Rakesh Singh, in which the Smart City scheme will create a sports city in Dumna area of ​​Jabalpur at a cost of 50 crores.

The MP said that for a long time there has been a demand in Jabalpur to develop an area where national level sports activity can be done along with a large sports ground to increase the sports activities here. For this, there was an earlier attempt to build a national level cricket stadium near Dumna, and then why should only cricket be used to build a sports city where Jabalpur is recognized nationally in other sports like cricket Along with this, important sports like football, hockey, javelin throw, athlete trek, national level gymnasium etc. can also be organized. Along with this, there will also be a residential arrangement for coaches and people associated with this system, so it was decided that a sports city should be built on about 25 acres of land near Dumna, which is built on the green building concept and it will keep the environment of Dumna. To be developed and its construction should also take care of the narmas at a sufficient distance from the airport.

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The MP said that such planning will be done in this green sports city in which activities like national level tournaments, Ranji Trophy can be done and provision will be made for future expansion in its planning. This arrangement will also be made in which sports academy can also be started. The MP said that after the formation of such sports city in Jabalpur, Jabalpur will definitely be recognized at the national level in terms of sports activities. Most importantly, where our players will get opportunities, the same means of employment will also be available.

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