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Jabalpur News: State Junior Lawyers Association demands strict action in the fake Remedesvir scandal

Jabalpur News: State Junior Lawyers Association demands strict action in the fake Remedesvir scandal


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Advocate Mukund Pandey, President of the Junior Lawyers Association, has portrayed the fake Remedesvir scandal as a black spot on the forehead of humanity. He says that the name of the city hospital and its director Sarabjit Singh Mokha have come up in this case, but it is the responsibility of the police to find out which fake Remedisvir has been used and in which hospitals? This is a big racket, which must be exposed. It has become clear that the reason for dying was more wrong medicines and injections than corona infection. Advocates Omshankar Vinay Pandey, Shravan Pandey, Manish Meshram, Rambihari Gautam have supported the demand.

Youth Advocates Association expresses confidence in police: Here, Advocate Ravindra Dutt, president of the Youth Advocates Association, expressed confidence in the action taken by the police so far. He says that apart from the revocation of the CGHS recognition of Mokha’s hospital, the NSA has been processed. It is clear that the intention of the state government is not to defend itself in such a bad case. The Youth Advocates Association will continue to monitor the matter. The movement will be done if there is any kind of arbitrariness.

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CGHS Security Fund of City Hospital to be seized: Citizen Welfare Association President Subhash Chandra has demanded even more stringent action against Sarabjit Singh Mokha of City Hospital, who was caught in the fake Remedesvir scandal. At the moment, CGHS accreditation was revoked. But that’s not enough. The security fund of Rs. 10 lakhs should also be seized as per the rules. This is because under the prescribed rules, if a hospital makes a mistake more than once, it can be done. Since three complaints have come against Mokha’s hospital, the amount can be seized.