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LIVE Prithvipur By Election Result 2021: BJP candidate ahead of 15 thousand in 21st round, Congress candidate concedes defeat

Updated: | Tue, 02 Nov : PM (IST)

LIVE Prithvipur By Election Result 26: Niwari-Tikamgarh (Naiduniya Representative). Counting of votes in the by-election from Prithvipur Assembly Constituency Rounds have been completed. B J P 15 is ahead by thousand votes. Congress candidate Nitendra Singh Rathore has accepted defeat. Along with this BJP has also been accused of booth capturing.

BJP in the th round 4061 Votes got and Congress candidate got

Votes Received. Till now BJP votes in all rounds 79292 and Congress Votes have been received. In this way BJP is leading by 15496 votes. Now just one more round of counting of votes is left.

Counting of votes in the by-election from the assembly constituency Round It has been completed. BJP candidate 13553 is leading by votes. BJP got votes in this round 3584 Whereas Congress 2483 Watts have been achieved. BJP candidate Dr Shishupal Yadav 75221 votes, while Congress candidate Nitendra Singh Rathair votes. Watts have been received. The counting of postal ballots is also going on. In this BJP’s 11 and Congress votes have been received. Overall, the votes of the employees have also gone to the BJP. With the completion of the round, the picture of the election has also been cleared to a great extent. The seat which the Congress was most confident about is now in danger. Here Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had held the maximum number of meetings. In the time of elections, the video of the Chief Minister making an earthen lamp had also become very viral. Whereas former Chief Minister Kamal Nath took a meeting here in support of the Congress candidate. The effect of the Chief Minister’s meetings is clearly visible in the counting of votes. After the tenth round, the BJP candidate’s lead is increasing continuously. Due to which there has been dismay in the Congress camp. Now with only five rounds left, it is not easy for the Congress to cut down such a huge lead. During this, Congress candidate Nitendra Rathair appeared at the counting venue in a very disheartened posture.

Counting of votes in the by-election from Prithvipur Assembly Constituency rounds are over. B J P 13 is ahead by a thousand votes. Congress candidate Nitendra Singh Rathore has accepted defeat. Along with this, BJP has also been accused of booth capturing.

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After the counting of votes in the Prithvipur assembly by-election, only three rounds should be run 15 BJP is ahead in the round has been The Congress has been able to partially reduce the lead, but has not been able to gain a lead so far. BJP candidates have been ahead in five consecutive rounds, followed by six and the seventh round has definitely been a relief to the Congress. BJP got 3863 votes in the eighth round, while Congress got 30 Votes Received. BJP in the 9th round 3372 ) and Congress got 3724 votes. After this it seemed that perhaps the Congress is going to make a comeback, but in the tenth round, the BJP again managed to get the lead. In this round BJP’s 3820, while Congress’ 3604 Votes Received. BJP candidate got total 36765 votes in ten rounds, while Congress candidate got votes. Watts have been received. BJP in the TH ROUND NaiDunia Local had achieved the lead of votes. BJP in the th round vote, while Congress’s 75221 Watts have been received.

Counting of votes begins in the by-election from Prithvipur Assembly Constituency Hey it’s gone. In the first round, BJP seems to be taking the lead. It is worth mentioning that here the BJP had given full force. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took about eight meetings in this constituency, while a meeting of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath was held in support of the Congress candidate. In such a situation, the eyes of both the parties are on the counting of votes of this assembly constituency.

Dispute on table number right: During the counting of votes, suddenly news came out that there has been a ruckus on table number right. Immediately along with the security personnel, the officials associated with the election work also reached inside. Here the Congress workers were pacified, as well as their objections were also heard. Congress workers have expressed their displeasure over the delay in counting and results. The returning officer advised everyone to remain calm, after which the counting of votes started. Counting Process in the round. Along with this, the observer of the Election Commission, Dr. Amit Saini is also keeping an eye. The picture is expected to be clear by one o’clock in the afternoon.

Voters cast votes: It is worth noting that the voting of Prithvipur Vidhan Sabha by-election in Niwari district October concluded with sporadic incidents. in this 306 Voters in Polling Stations 198320 Out of Voters 75221 Voters exercised votes. The fate of the candidates was imprisoned in the EVM machine. Now a strong room has been made in two rooms of the college building, where EVM machines were kept under the security arrangements of CRPF personnel. Under the direction of Collector and District Election Officer Narendra Kumar Suryavanshi, the Returning Officer SDM Anupriya Jain and Assistant Returning Officer Tehsildar Aniket Chaurasia are also taking stock of the arrangements.

IN TWO CELLS ON TABLE Counting of votes will take place in the round

Counting of votes will be on the tables and rounds. Each table will have one counting agent, one assistant counting agent and two micro observers. During this counting of votes 2019 Rounds will run.

National Preference to party candidate

candidate on each table

Myself and my agent can keep it there. Regarding the seating arrangement, in the order of preference to the candidates of the national party at the counting place, there will be a meeting arrangement for the independent candidates after that on the first row. Counting passes were also issued to the agents of the candidates. Assistant Returning Officer Mr. Chaurasia told that for the security arrangements made in the strong room in the college 14 CRPF force has been deployed, where CCTV cameras have been installed, which will have security arrangements.

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