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Provided food items to the servants of Muktidham

Provided food items to the servants of Muktidham


Mandsaur (AboutGyan representative). Food items were distributed by the Sakal Jain Samaj Women’s Cell to 40 people who cremated Kovid infected bodies. Sakal Jain Samaj General Secretary Payal Jain said that people who bring dead bodies in the midst of extreme infection, collect wood, and are making other arrangements for cremation. In the Corona period, where the goods of need are being distributed everywhere, these people are untouched who are working in the midst of very low income throughout the day. Food packets were distributed to everyone at the hands of Corona warrior Sunil Bansal. General Ministers Hansa Jain, Purnima Chordia, Pragya Dosi, Associate Ministers Surabhi Bhandari, Rashmi Bafna, Rupal Sancheti, Seema Khindawat, Jagriti Garg, Samta Bhuta Former General Secretary Shashi Maru, Hema Hingar, Vinita Singhvi, Nirmala Mehta, Pinki Rajawat, etc. were present.

Primary Health Center Sandhar gets oxygen concentrator machine

Section MLA Devi Lal Dhakad in Primary Health Center, Section, presented an Oxygen Concentrator Machine approved by MP Fund to Government Hospital, Section in the presence of Sandhara villagers. MLA Dhakad said that the benefit of the machine is for the citizens of the residents and nearby villages and for those patients in the hospital who need oxygen. The hospital team and rural youth should go door-to-door and survey any person who is ill or who has corona symptoms and come to the hospital and ask for corona examination and get first aid. On this occasion, hospital staff Usha Rao, Lalchand Dhakad, Devendra Jangade, Yashoda Chaudhary, Bharat Rao, Village resident Rasbihari Dwivedi, Manohar Patidar, Bunty Gautam, Rakesh Rao, Rajendra Rao etc. were present on the occasion.

Lockdown in Mandsaur: Corona curfew extended for 8 days in Mandsaur

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Blood donor group serving patients

Bhanpura. Many organizations in the city are making oxygen cylinders, and many other arrangements in the city for the patients regarding the corona epidemic on the ground. These service organizations also include the blood donor group. The blood donor group is serving the needy during the Corona epidemic. Members of the group are also working against this epidemic at the grassroots level.

The blood donor group donated an oxygen concentrator machine to the government hospital, courtesy Lalit Chandel. With this, the oxygen follower and kit installed in the oxygen cylinder is being provided free of cost to the needy. In addition, arrangements have also been made by blood donor groups and other organizations. Suryaprakash Bhatt, a member of the blood donor group, said that all the members of the group are performing their responsibility well. Cylinder kits are required by the organization, if anyone needs it even in the middle of the night. He informed that after the shortage of the followometer, it is being completed by making a jugaad by the group member. Members of the group are also visiting the hospital daily. In case of need for oxygen cylinders, oxygen cylinders are being made available in government hospitals by interacting with Jana Sahyog Samiti, FENDS Group, and other institutions. Apart from this, members of the blood donor group are also cooperating in the Waxing Lago campaign being run by the Youth Press Club.