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Lockdown in Indore: In front of the police in Indore, the tawar cars stopped the poor

Lockdown in Indore: In front of the police in Indore, the tawar cars stopped the poor


Indore (NewDuniya Representative), Lockdown in Indore. The effect of a strict lockdown for the week was seen to be loosening on the second day. Police appeared on the streets, but did not appear as strict as Friday. At the checking point, the policemen were only intercepting most of the caravals, but the cyclists or the walking poor were being prevented more. Most of them were also sent to temporary jail. At other intersections including Gandhi statue, Rajwada, Palasia, LIG, the police personnel were asking the reason for stopping and going for the second day. Due to the closure of the grocery store, vegetable market, the same people were seen less on the streets. After five o’clock in the evening, there was definitely more traffic on the main roads than in the afternoon.

Going Vaccine: The police had put barricades on three culverts. The drivers were being stopped from 10:30 am. When a young man riding a two-wheeler stopped, took out the mobile from him and told the policemen to have booked the vaccine slot. Go to pink flower school to vaccinate. Police personnel let him go. Those who had no solid reason for coming and going, passed through the streets of the proletarian city.

Lockdown in Indore: Abuse in the name of lockdown in Indore, warning to shut down drug market

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Let go on telling office-hospital: On the second day of Total Lockdown, the attitude of the police in the city was slightly soft, but Patnipura was seen to be strict. Many people stopped and asked the reason for leaving the house. He told to go to office and hospital. Policemen removed the barricades after seeing the paper. There were many people who could not answer properly. Holding his ear on the road, he got a sit-down meeting. The police patrolled all day towards Patnipura-Aastha talkies, so that no one would go out selling vegetables and fruits. People were definitely seen roaming in the streets of mohallas and colonies.