Lockdown in Indore News: The owner was sentenced to his dog, had to visit the jail. Watch the video


Lockdown in Indore News: Indore. Animals along with humans are also facing punishment in the lockdown imposed due to Corona virus infection. Sunday night, ADM Pawan Jain sent a dog along with a young man on a jail visit. The young man was caught in front of the police control room, including the dog.

On Sunday, separate teams of police-administration and municipal corporation were strictly investigating. He was sent to the temporary prison by city bus after catching the wanderers without reason. About 8 o’clock in the night, ADM Pawan Jain caught a young man riding a bike who was carrying a pet dog.

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When asked the reason for leaving, the young man could not answer at first. Angry ADM, under curfew violation, boarded the city bus (jail vehicle) and said take it to jail. The young man pleaded and said that he had gone to get the dog vaccinated. The ADM, however, did not listen to him and rushed him to the temporary jail at Snehalatganj. According to the ADM, the young man was released after some time.

Caught with impressive cricket bat

The ADM also stopped a black car in which some youths were sitting. On making inquiries, he started making excuses. When corporators opened the car trunk, they got many bat. The ADM confiscated the bat and made everyone sit in the city bus. During this time, another young man was also caught, so he said that today was Sunday and went to meet his girlfriend today.

Cash and gold and silver items stolen from janitor's house, CCTV found
Cash and gold and silver items stolen from janitor’s house, CCTV found

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