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Monsoon boom … field ready for kharif sowing.

Monsoon boom … field ready for kharif sowing.


Ujjain (Nai Duniya representative). This year the Corona curfew is also affecting the kharif sowings. After the onset of monsoon, farmers have prepared fields for sowing of soybeans. Now fertilizer and seeds are awaited, which will be received after June 1 as per the government order. Although the district administration has said to provide fertilizer to cooperative societies, but most societies do not have fertilizer available. In such a situation, the farmer will not be able to fertilize the fields before the rain.

This year the kharif crop is to be sown in 5 lakh hectare area in the district, out of which about 4.90 lakh hectare area is to be grown in soybean, for this farmers have prepared for the field. The fields have been cleaned and plowed, now the first DAP phosphate and NPK 12: 32: 16 are required before sowing. It is wandering to get it because the public curfew has closed compost seed shops in the city and cooperative societies located in rural areas do not have enough fertilizers available. In such a situation, the sowing time of the farmers will pass. Let me tell you that in the meeting of the district administration in the past, it was decided to open fertilizer and seed shops from 8 am to 11 am, which was changed on Saturday. Now from June 1, farmers will be able to make available compost seeds. Merchant Manish Gawdi told that at present, sufficient quantity of fertilizer seeds is available at about 1 thousand shops located in the district but due to the shutdown, they are not able to give them to the farmers. According to the information, 3800 tonne APK 12: 32: 16 and 5000 tonne DAP super phosphate has been kept on private shops. At the same time, out of 172 co-operative institutions in the district, only 25 per cent are being told that fertilizer is available. In such a situation, how can the farmers prepare for Kharif.

Advice to farmers

Here the Agriculture Department is advising the farmers that the monsoon is ready. For this, farmers should prepare for Kharif crop, Agriculture Officer Kamlesh Rathore said that at present farmers should sow after at least 3 inches of rain. Before this, the fields should be prepared by adding super phosphate DAP manure to the fields. The seed should be treated before planting so that there is no avalanche.