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NarmadaPuram News: Elephants from Karnataka will be brought to Satpura Tiger Reserve

Narmadapuram News: Narmadapuram, Navdunia Representative. Now elephants coming from Karnataka will also take charge of security in Satpura Tiger Reserve. 70 elephants are being brought from Karnataka, which will be kept at different places in the state. The Satpura Tiger Reserve Management has prepared an action plan to keep five elephants in the district’s famous tourist destination Elephant Camp. These days Kuno is posted in National Park under the protection of African Cheetahs. A team of Satpura Tiger Reserve will go to Karnataka from where these elephants will be brought to Madhya Pradesh in a special vehicle. If sources are to be believed, planning has been done at the level of senior officers. Tender process of vehicles to bring elephants has been completed.

Total in Satpura Tiger Reserve 70 will become elephants. Six elephants are already there. In the elephant camp of Madhai, cottages have been made for the mahouts to stay. Along with this, a place has also been prepared for keeping elephants. Naturally this place is considered most suitable.

Elephants will be kept under security in this elephant camp situated in the midst of dense forest. Along with patrolling in the forest, other tasks will also be taken from these elephants. Officials say that the elephants are trained. Area director L Krishnamurthy told that within a week or two the elephants would be brought from Mysore to Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. Arrangements have been made to ensure that the elephants get enough food. Range level officers are being given responsibility for monitoring.

Posted By: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay