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Now only 151 patients are admitted in the Kovid Care Center with 1200 bed capacity

Now only 151 patients are admitted in the Kovid Care Center with 1200 bed capacity


Indore, New Dunia Rep. The facility of treatment is available by admitting 1200 patients with less infection in Radhaswami Kovid Care Center, but at present only 151 patients are admitted here. Due to less number of Kovid infected patients in the city, now the number of patients at this Kovid Care Center is also decreasing. Only 15 new patients were admitted here on Sunday, whereas till a week ago 150 to 300 patients were being admitted here daily. Ever since this Kovid Care Center has been established, 3104 patients have been admitted here so far. Apart from this, 2818 patients have been discharged from here and returned to their homes. On Sunday, 22 patients returned to their homes from here. So far, about 135 seriously infected patients have been shifted to hospitals from this Kovid Care Center.

260 patients examined in post covid OPD

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Along with Radhaswami Kovid Care Center, Maa Ahilya Post Kovid Rehabilitation and Recovery Center has also been started here. So far, about 260 patients have been screened in this center. On Sunday, 13 post Kovid patients were admitted here and 26 patients were also discharged. Pathology, mental diseases, eye examinations are being done at this center along with general health examination of post covid patients. Apart from this, ECG, Cardiac, Dental, Endoscopy, ENT, Color Doppler, Physiotherapy related tests are also being done.