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Rain started in Gwalior since morning, it rained at different places during the day

Rain started in Gwalior since morning, it rained at different places during the day

– A low pressure area has come over Gwalior, will move towards UP at night

Gwalior (Naiduniya representative). Due to the low pressure area formed over the Gwalior Chambal division, the rainy season started from Thursday morning. This rain lasted throughout the day, it rained in different parts of the city. Due to which the weather will be cool. Due to the cooler weather, the power consumption has come down. The maximum temperature will be recorded below deg. Rainfall may continue throughout the day. On Thursday night, this system will move towards Uttar Pradesh, due to which the rainfall will decrease. reached up. Due to this, heavy rainfall has also been recorded in some parts of both the divisions, but the period of drizzle continued in Gwalior since last night. The sun didn’t come out because of the clouds. It also rained intermittently. The pace of rain was slow, but the drizzle made the weather pleasant. Since morning, the rainy season continued, due to which water logging on the streets of the city came . Due to this the speed of traffic stopped.

Monsoon Trough Line passing through Guna

– Monsoon Trough is passing through Guna-Kota. When the system will move towards West Uttar Pradesh, when the Monsoon Trough will also shift northwards.

– Western Disturbance is active. Due to this moisture is also coming from the Arabian Sea. Moisture is also coming from the Bay of Bengal. Due to this it is raining.

– Low pressure area is over Gwalior. Due to this, there is good rainfall in the districts of the region. As we move towards UP, the rainfall will increase in Gwalior.

they say

– The low pressure area will move towards West Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, but light and moderate rain will continue in Gwalior-Chambal division. Rain will weaken from night onwards. A new system NaiDunia Local is being formed in the Bay of Bengal on September, the effect of which 21 will be visible from September.

Dr. Vedprakash Singh, Radar In-charge Meteorological Center Bhopal

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NaiDunia Local

NaiDunia Local NaiDunia Local NaiDunia Local