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Shahdol News: Two traffickers arrested in Shahdol by smuggling a drug car

Shahdol News: Two traffickers arrested in Shahdol by smuggling a drug car


Shahdol, AboutGyan representative. The police, once again taking major action, recovered two stocks of drugs and arrested two smugglers. A large consignment of Corex going from Rewa to Budhar has been seized by DSP Sonali Gupta, who is heading the SP’s special team. The captured smugglers were going from Rewa towards Budhar in a Swift car.

450 vials of intoxicating cough syrup: 450 vials of intoxicating cough syrup have been recovered from the accused. It is learned that the consignment of the intoxicating syrup was being taken from Rewa towards Budhar. The special team got the news about it. As soon as the information was received, DSP Sonali Gupta and his team reached the highway of Gohparu police station area and arrested the two accused in the Swift car under siege.

Managed to make an alleged escape: One of the accused took advantage of the opportunity and fled from there. The police have seized 450 vials of intoxicating syrup from their possession. The special team handed over to the accused and intoxicating syrup has been handed over to Gohaparu Police, Gohaparu Police has started further investigation by registering the case. The special team seized the intoxicating syrup and car and handed over the accused to Gohaparu police for further action. Gohparu police station in-charge Jyoti Sikarwar says that it is being ascertained who is getting the drugs smuggled.

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