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Will protect the plant until the food is storeable

Will protect the plant until the food is storeable


Malhargarh(AboutGyan News). Shani Chowk Mitra Mandal planted a banyan plant outside the Shri Bhavani Mata temple, located at the heart of the city, under the AboutGyan Vat Vriksha De Vardan campaign. The same people said that thinking that we have done good work only by planting saplings is absolutely wrong. That’s why everyone is taking a pledge together that until this plant becomes capable of storing food on its own, then they will take the responsibility of taking care of it. Tree guards were installed to protect the plants. During this, Sanjay Mandwaria, Nitin Dixit, Sanjay Gupta, Mahesh Bairagi, Amit Sharma, Harish Sharma, Akshay Yeti, Nemichand Sahu etc. were present.

Thousands of devotees visit Bhavanimata temple throughout the year, both are organized here in Navratri as well. Women gather here on festivals like Dashmata, Karva Chauth etc. When this banyan plant takes shape in a big form, then everyone will get shade and oxygen will also be available.

Trees are the foundation stone of a good environment

Mandsaur. On Saturday, 40 saplings of Banyan, Mango, Neem, Chiku, Jamun, Sheesham, Amla and other species were planted in Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex by Cricket Team Bullet-11. He also took a pledge to protect the environment. Team Patron Dr. Pretipal Singh Rana said that trees are the foundation stone of good environment. Due to environmental imbalance, we have to face rain shortage, extreme unbearable heat, excess rainfall in a short period of time, floods or droughts. Diseases are spreading. In order to improve the quality of the environment, it is the duty of human beings to protect them by planting trees. Program coordinator Naveen Sharma said that every person should do the work of planting a sapling and taking responsibility for it in life, due to which both the environment and the city will remain beautiful. Team Captain Firoz Khan, Raghavendra Singh Tomar, Romil Jain, Dhruv Bagherwal, Priyanshu, Ravi Verma, Ashok Verma, Lalit, Zahid Chaudhary, Atindra Masania and other players and environment lovers were present.