Responding to the request by farmers, Finance Minister Harish Rao, on Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s instructions, released water to Kudavelli Vagu on Tuesday. This will serve the irrigation needs of Gajwel, Dubbak and Sircilla Assembly constituency limits.

He was accompanied by Lok Sabha member K. Prabhakar Reddy and Forest Development Corporation chairman V. Pratap Reddy, among others.

“We have answered the criticism of the opposition by our performance and by executing the works. Now, there is a smile on the face of farmers, who used to look to the skies for rains. In the past, water from Kudavelli Vagu used to join the Godavari in the downstream while now, it is in reverse course. Godavari water is reaching here from 100 metres to 600 metres and passing through several lifts,” said Mr. Harish Rao while addressing farmers.

“Opposition parties have heckled us stating that the project will never be completed and these lands will sold. We have proved them wrong. Everyday, 800 cusecs of water will be released. Now, there is no need for borewells and it will soon be history. Farmers need not wait for rainy season. We are able to save lakhs worth standing crops in about 14,000 acres and hence, save farmers. The work that could not be completed in six decades was completed in just six years. And, 34 check dams are being filled. Godavari water will be released to Haldi Vagu in Medak district shortly,” he said.

Zilla Parishad chairperson Roja Sharma said that erstwhile Medak district would be irrigated with Kaleshwaram water throughout the year and double the crop yield.

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