KUWAIT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) presented an honorary shield to National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) in appreciation of its leading social role and its constant commitment towards society, especially its recent contributions and its proactive support for the efforts made to combat the pandemic in Kuwait.

On this occasion the Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Dr Hilal Al-Sayer presented the honoring to the bank, represented by NBK Group CEO Isam Al-Sager in the presence of NBK Group Deputy CEO Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK – Kuwait CEO Salah Al-Fulaij, as well as KRCS representatives including Anwar Al-Hasawi, the Vice Chairman of Kuwait Red Crescent Society, and Maha Al-Barjas, the Secretary-General of Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

Dr Sayer praised NBK’s generous donation, which promoted healthcare and supported national efforts to face the coronavirus pandemic, saying: “Our honoring of NBK comes in recognition of their relentless efforts aimed at support healthcare services, especially in view of the circumstances imposed by the pandemic.”

Dr Sayer also pointed out that KRCS’s strategic partnership with NBK aims to achieve integration of the humanitarian and social efforts to support the society, commending the fruitful joint projects implemented with the bank, which have a direct and effective impact on the development and growth of society.

Meanwhile, Sager expressed his pleasure with the visit of KRCS delegation and this honoring initiative, which is considered as a culmination of a long record of strategic partnership and cooperation in support of society, saying: “We are always working to harness all our capabilities to support achieving community development, especially during the exceptional times of combating the coronavirus pandemic.”

Sager affirmed that NBK has a rich social record full of initiatives and projects, making it today a national example for social responsibility. “For over six decades, the bank has been the largest contributor to community development among the Kuwaiti private sector institutions. And despite the challenges witnessed during the past year, it has continued to fulfill this responsibility,” Sager added.

It is worth mentioning that in response to the pandemic, NBK donated KD1 million to KRCS to procure medical equipment and ventilators, in addition to deploying a field hospital equipped with the latest medical devices, an ICU, a medical laboratory, a radiology center, a fully-equipped pharmacy, in addition to providing emergency service.

NBK maintains its leading position among banking institutions in the private sector on the humanitarian level, through its commitment to support humanitarian organizations and social initiatives with different goals, including KRCS, which has a clear humanitarian impact and plays a major role in this regard.



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