Spike in Covid cases: Weeklong lockdown imposed in Vidarbha city areas

Amravati Guardian Minister Yashomati Thakur said Sunday certain city areas in Amravati, Akola and Buldana districts will go under lockdown for a week from Tuesday in view of a spike in Covid-19 cases.

On Sunday, Amravati Divisional Commissioner Piyush Singh said the municipal areas of Amravati and Achalpur cities in Amravati district, Akola, Akot and Murtizapur in Akola district and Buldana and Chikhli in Buldana district have been declared containment zones and will be under lockdown from 5 am on February 23 to 5 am on March 1.

“While Amravati and Akola are already under curfew from 5 pm on Saturday till 7 am on Monday, people can complete their essential works and purchases till 5 pm Monday. Thereafter, during the lockdown period, all shops, except those selling medicine, grocery, milk and vegetables, will remain closed. These shops will be allowed to operate only between 9 am and 5 pm. Public or private programmes, except marriages, well not be allowed,” Singh said.

Attendance will be restricted to 25 persons at marriages parties. Curbs on such parties have also been extended to containment zones outside the municipal limits of the district.

The Amravati division has been recording over 1,000 infections daily for nearly the last three weeks. Officials said a vast majority of these cases were asymptomatic and fatalities very low despite the surge — the five districts together accounted for 16 deaths. The number of Covid-19 tests, too, has increased from about 1,200 per day three days ago to around 3,000 per day, officials added.

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Public transportation has also been suspended between 5 am on February 23 and 5 am on March 1, while private vehicles have been allowed only for unavoidable journeys, like health check-up, hospitalisation or travel outside the city, Singh said.

Restaurants owners, both inside and outside containment zones, have been told to shut their premises, though home delivery services have been allowed.

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“Offices will remain closed inside the containment zones and will operate with only 15 per cent attendance outside them. Religious places will also remain closed within the containment zones. Those outside the containment zones can remain open only between 9 am and 5 pm,” Singh told The Indian Express.

Schools and colleges in the Amravati division, comprising Washim and Yavatmal besides the three districts, have not yet opened.


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