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86 youths get vaccinated

86 youths get vaccinated


Tonkhurd (AboutGyan News). On Wednesday, 86 youth above 18 were vaccinated at the local excellent school in the city, but have seen resentment among the local youth regarding the vaccination. Tonkurd is unable to find a place in consecutive vaccination sessions. In Wednesday’s session also, people from Indore, Dewas, Sonkach, Jamgod, Pipalarawa, Bagli, and Bhuranasa were vaccinated. Apart from this, many of those registered were absent. The youth say that the people who live far away get the registration done, and then do not come for the vaccine. Local youth are also facing problems due to lack of mobile networks and Android mobiles. Local youth have demanded from the government that local people should be given priority. Krishnamurthy Shivhare, Kalpana Das, Jyoti Yadav, Chhaya Tiwari, Archana Bairagi under the guidance of BMO Rajesh Chaudhary, Dr. Femida Qureshi, Medical Officer Dr. Azhar Sheikh, Dr. Shubham Thakur, Dr. Rampal Sunwania, Dr. Rajesh Nagar, Dr. Manohar Bhati, Dr. Imran Noorani , Sarika Kazi, Sadhana Billore, Rakesh Chauhan, Vikas Arya, Shalini Chaudhary, Mukesh Upadhyay, Govardhan Parsaniya, Harish Solanki Health team are involved in immunization.

Visiting the hospital and inspecting the vaccination center

Sonkach. MLA Sajjan Singh Verma reached the Community Health Center Vaccination Center on Wednesday. Talked with the staff about getting vaccinated. The MLA said on vaccination of the people of another district that the people of the area should be engaged first. The vaccine has become available to people in the area. It is very wrong to put outsiders. Hospital officials are under the pressure of staff leaders to get vaccinated to outsiders. Which is wrong.

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Vaccination done in Ujjain district

Sonkach. The region’s youth are troubled by the lack of a vaccine. The youth are not able to get the slot after registration. At the same time, the people of Indore, Dewas and Bhopal are getting vaccinated. At the same time, the Khatri family of Sonkutch did not have a slot book in Sonkutch. So the family got vaccinated at four different centers in Ujjain district. Tarun Khatri told that he was getting upset for the last four days. Vaccination center was found at Mahidpur in Ujjain district on Wednesday. Where the wife and son, along with wife, got vaccinated.