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Astro News: After years outside, Dev Guru Jupiter entered Aquarius on Saturday

Astro News: After years outside, Dev Guru Jupiter entered Aquarius on Saturday

Publish Date: | Sun, 21 Nov : 50 PM (IST)

Astro News :Bhopal (Navduniya representative). After twelve years, Dev Guru Jupiter has entered Aquarius on Saturday. Dev Guru has reached Aquarius from his debilitated sign Capricorn. Dev Guru Brihaspati is considered to be powerful and beneficial. It is also considered to be the main factor for getting luck and respect. Dev Guru transits in one zodiac for about month and visits twelve zodiac signs in about twelve years. complete. In the past 2009 Guru had come in Aquarius. Pandit Ramjeevan Dubey told that the change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign is auspicious for some zodiac signs, while some have to be cautious. There are signs of profit for the people of Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Aries : Give up your laziness and start being active. You can get the pleasure of getting married, buying a house or having a little guest in the house.

Taurus: Do not start any new project as some obstacles may be faced in the work. Minor health-related ailments may have to be faced. Don’t lend money to anyone.

Gemini: people who follow the right path to succeed Looking for, they can find it. This is a very favorable time to achieve big goals and to reach those goals.


Taking care of your health is very important. Minor health-related ailments can trouble you. The beginning of the year will be confusing and risky. Due to this, you should avoid making unnecessary mistakes. . It is advisable not to change job or think about transfer.

Virgo: If you If you are planning to start some new job, how to change city and want to leave your job in future then you may face some problems. Do not underestimate any disease, if not treated on time, then the condition can worsen. Financially this can be a challenging time for you, as your expenses may increase.


This period is suitable for your children. Married people can also get children at this time. This time will be favorable for you from the point of view of health.

Scorpio: Taking control of your finances Will happen. Your expenses may increase during this period. You may think about renovation and construction of your house.

Sagittarius: You are new If you are looking for a job or want to move to a new city or want to go for higher studies, then this time will be favorable for you. There are signs of opening a new avenue of income for you financially. You will give full support to your siblings.

Capricorn: for financial expansion It’s a great time. So invest wisely. There may be some emotional upheaval and difficulty in expressing your feelings, but with time you will be able to overcome this problem.

Aquarius: If you are working with someone or you are cooperating with the person in the beginning of the year especially till March then it will be very beneficial for you . Personally, a new activity will begin. This would be an excellent time to change jobs, change cities and invest money in a new business.

Pisces: You may have to face some accusations and enemies, which may trouble you during this period. So it would be best for you to keep a low profile.

Posted By: Lalit Katariya

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