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Bhopal News: Exceeding religion, former councilor said, “You too are a Muslim, stop the action!”

Bhopal News: Exceeding religion, former councilor said, “You too are a Muslim, stop the action!”


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). Despite the Corona curfew, there seemed to be an illegal vegetable market in the capital. When the Municipal Corporation takes action in this matter, this action is not going to the public representatives. This is the reason why the officer is being called to call and stop the action by citing religion. In fact, after the controversy over the removal of illegal encroachments in the Nabwahar Sabzi Mandi, the former councilor of the area, Shahwar Masunari, threatened the encroachment in-charge, Nasir Khan. At first he asked to stop the action citing being a Muslim. When the encroachment officer said that those Muslims were later a government servant first, the tone of the former councilor changed. The former councilor misbehaved with the encroachment officer and called him insane. Explain that during lockdown, joint teams of Municipal Corporation and Police are running anti-encroachment campaign in the city. In violation of the lockdown, legal action is being taken along with sealing wherever shops are opening in the city. In this episode, the Municipal Corporation in collaboration with the Gautam Nagar Police closed the open sabji Mandi two days ago. Actually, the Navbahar Sabzi Mandi Karond has shifted. Even after this, there is illegal fruit and vegetable business here. Even after the lockdown, shopkeepers continued to do business here. Due to this, the Municipal Corporation encroachment on Tuesday had taken action to remove the illegally built sheds here, which did not go well with former Councilor Shahwar Mansoori and he took action by calling the Municipal Corporation encroachment in-charge Nasir Khan as a Muslim. Had asked to stop. The former councilor had also misbehaved with Nasir’s name. The encroachment officer wrote a note saying that the case of the former councilor threatening the encroachment in-charge, Nasir Khan, over the phone and stopping the action has been written by the encroachment officer Qamar Saqib. Which has been sent to the Municipal Corporation Commissioner through the Divisional Additional Commissioner. It is hoped that an FIR can be lodged against the former councilor in this case.

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