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Asura of disaster … black marketing of injection and medical equipment

Asura of disaster … black marketing of injection and medical equipment


Ujjain (Nai Duniya representative). In the midst of the pandemic of the epidemic, the black marketing of vital essential equipment along with important medicines of Corona is taking place fiercely and openly. Government claims of control are proving weak. Rasuka’s action has been taken against 8 employees and one broker of Deshmukh Hospital and RD Gardi Medical College for black marketing of Remedisvir injection in the district. Along with the dismissal of two nurses of the Government Charak Hospital, they have been sent to jail. Apart from this, a case has also been registered against a medical operator for selling an oxy-flow meter at a higher price.

Action taken on

On 25 April, while blacklisting the injection of Remedisvir, the police worked in the isolation ward of Deshmukh Hospital, Male nurse Sarfaraz Shah son Shahid Shah, age 22, resident Tonkkala Dewas, Rajesh son Jairam Narwaria, age 25, resident of Hamukhedi Dewas Road, Quldeep son Sunil Chauhan. Aged 22, resident of Piploda, he was arrested on Birlagram Hallamukam Allowance City Agar Road. The three told that they were with their partner Lokesh son Shyamlal Anjana age 22 years, resident of village Batwadi Akodia Shajapur Halmukam Allan City Agar Road, Priyesh Putra Vinod Chauhan, age 21, Mission Compound Dewas Road, Bhanupratap son Raghuvir Singh Rajput age 21, resident of village Panda Tonkkhurd Dewas. Halmukam Allowance City Agar Road, Vaibhav Putra Vijay Panchal 19 years resident Mahidpur Road Halmukam Allows City and Hariom Putra Shantilal Anjana age 19 years Residents near village Polayukhurd Akodia Sundarsi Shajapur Halmukam Allows injecting patients at affordable prices through the city Were. Lokesh and Priyesh RD are nursing passouts of Gardi Medical College. Apart from this, Vaibhav, Bhanupratap, Hariom, RD Gardi are final year nursing students of Medical College. The police have taken action against all of them under Rasuka and sent them to jail.

Two nurses of Government Charak Hospital also caught

A few days ago, two nurses working in Charak Hospital Rajeshree daughter Santosh Malviya aged 23 years resident Nageshwar Dham colony and Ekta wife Lakhan Malaviya 26 years resident Neemanwasa Panwasa and a young man Mayur son Kaluram age 24 years resident Kaliadeh Mahal Bhairavgarh, Remedesivir injection Was arrested in the case of black marketing. The three accused had so far sold five injections for one lakh rupees. The police recovered two Remedesivir injections and three antibiotic injections from the possession of the three. The three were booked and sent to jail under other sections including cheating. On Saturday, the Health Department took action against both nurses Rajshree and Ekta and issued orders to sack both of them from their jobs. Rasuka’s action has been taken against the accused Mayur.

Three youths were molested and beaten up by women SIs in Ujjain

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800 rupees oxy flow meter was selling for 57 hundred rupees

The police arrested the operator of Neeta Medical Surgical, located near the Kotwali police station, for selling a Rs 800 oxy-flow meter for Rs 5700. A case was also registered by the Kotwali police against the alleged director.