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Dabra: Where did 50 lakhs go, why ICU ward could not be made yet

Dabra: Where did 50 lakhs go, why ICU ward could not be made yet


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In the Crisis Management meeting held online for Dabra, the issue of not being able to get the facility of ICU ward in the Civil Hospital yet again came up. In this Google Meet, Dabra MLA Suresh Raje questioned Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar that Narendra Singh Tomar had given Rs 50 lakh to build an ICU ward in the city’s civil hospital. Even after receiving the funds, why the ICU ward could not be built in the hospital till date and what happened to the amount that came? If there was an ICU ward in the city, the people here would have got relief. At that time, Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar, who attended the meeting, said that he will take information about the matter, what happened to the amount received for the ICU ward?

MLA Suresh Raje said that no electricity is available. He said that the government is saying that 24 hours of electricity is being received through Atal Jyoti but in reality people are not getting full power. Power is being provided from low voltage, so that the fans are not running. People are in homes due to corona, so there is no problem due to lack of electricity. Focusing on the corona in the meeting, Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh said that it is necessary to break the corona chain. Those people who are ill in the city or villages, get them tested. If the condition is severe with cold cough and fever, then refer it to Gwalior immediately. This could cure the infected.


Get the sick, send serious cases to Gwalior

In the meeting, Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh has directed the local administration to focus more on the ground level. Take your health staff from village to village and conduct a survey of the sick. Those who are ill bring them to the fever clinic and get them tested. Also, make people aware that there is no need to panic from Corona. We can beat it easily. But for this it is necessary to get treatment at the right time. In the meeting, he also directed to pay attention to vaccination. Regarding this, SDM Pradeep Sharma said that the work of vaccination is going well in the city. The youngsters of 45 plus as well as 18 plus have shown interest in the vaccine.

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MLA got the attention of the hospital

MLA Suresh Raje said that in the meeting held, he said that the way the work of civil hospital should be done, it is not going on. Earlier, when a question was raised in the Legislative Assembly, a lot of work was started. Then it was closed again. There was also a focus on getting sanitized here. In the meeting, the public representatives said that sanitization should be done not at every two lane but at every possible infected place.