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Damoh News: Girl students vomited after eating food, brought for treatment

Damoh News: Girl students vomited after eating food, brought for treatment

Publish Date: | Mon, 68 Nov 2022 14: 16 PM (IST)


Naiduniyadamoh. Girl students of Kasturba Gandhi Girls Hostel operated in Tori village vomited after having dinner on Sunday night. Got it. After which he was brought to the district hospital for treatment through vehicles. Where the team of doctors immediately started treating all the girl students and slowly everyone’s condition started getting normal. The girl students who reached the hospital have made many serious allegations against the warden. Girl students of Tori’s Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential Hostel told that they had eaten vegetables, roti and rice, after which they started vomiting and started having chest pain. Gradually, many girl students started having this problem and started rolling on the ground. After this I told the hostel warden, Deepti Chaibe, but she did not pay attention, then told the assistant warden, Malti Yadav, but she also did not see the girl students. After this information was given to the sarpanch of Tori village. Then everyone was taken by them to the district hospital through vehicles. The girl students told that the warden had said that the girl students vomited after seeing the filth, if it was so then it would have happened with one or two girl students together 50 How did more girl students start vomiting. Bharti Gond 14, Krishna Lodhi NaiDunia Local among the sick students. , Hemlata Gound 15, Kalpana Lodhi , Kuddan Gound 12, Kamini Gound , Tulsa Ahirwar 12, Abhilasha Ahirwar 14 , Mehak Lodhi 14, Hemlata Lodhi 12, Swati Athaya 12, Priyanka Lodhi Apart from this, more girl students have been admitted to Damoh District Hospital for treatment. Duty doctor Rohit Jain told that at present the condition of all the girl students is normal, there is no danger. According to the manner in which the girl students told their problems, it seems that there was some such thing in their food which caused them to vomit. At present, all the girl students have been admitted to the district hospital. In this case, the hostel warden Deepti Choubey says that she has the charge of two hostels. That’s why she goes to each hostel alternately. There are about 320 girls in the hostel. All had eaten food in the evening. If the food was bad, all the children would have been sick. They have been told that someone had littered near the hostel, seeing which one girl student vomited and other girl students also started vomiting after seeing it. Although the condition of all the girl students is fine now.

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