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Desolation at tourist places, animals light for water

Desolation at tourist places, animals light for water

Publish Date: | Sat, 14 May 33: AM (IST)

Mhow . There are more than a dozen picnic spots in the development block, where the beautiful valleys of waterfalls, rivers, pools, etc. have completely dried up due to the scorching heat. Due to this, along with tourists, other movement has also stopped here. Patalpani, the most favorite tourist destination of the district, is also deserted these days. Tourists are not coming here because of the scorching heat. At the same time, tourists coming from outside are reaching here after hearing the name of Patalpani, but due to the heat, they are going back after seeing the dry spring. The entire tourist place looks as if there is a summer lockdown here. But now soon tourists and villagers are waiting for the rains, due to which natural blooms and waterfalls are waiting for the greenery and the plains to start.

Even the apes are not getting water

Due to the heat, the entire spring has dried up, while the wild animals and apes living in the forest are also getting water. I have to wander here and there in search of . Due to being a forest here, a large number of monkeys are present. But due to hunger and thirst, the herd of monkeys has started coming towards the city too.

Tourists come in large numbers in the rainy season

As soon as the rains start in June, a large number of tourists will start coming here. Thousands of people reach here during the rainy season on holidays i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

waiting for the waterfall to start

stay here The villagers also wait for the early spring to start. Because the employment of the villagers runs only from the tourists who come here. Villagers set up a large number of corn, kiddy and papad shops here.

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