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How the stopped traffic continues from the villages

How the stopped traffic continues from the villages


Rajgarh (AboutGyan News). The spread of Corona is increasing in the villages. Be it VTM examination or rapid test, patients from Corona are starting to appear daily from small villages. The irony here is that the people coming from these villages are not deterring from traveling towards the cities even for minor tasks. On the other hand, the administration does its work, but the process of entering the city by throwing dust in the eyes continues. On Saturday, a large number of people were seen on the streets of Rajgarh city. Most of the people were from rural areas and were also seen purchasing goods at shops. Talking about the month of May, a lot of cases have come up from the surrounding rural areas in front of Corona. Despite this, neither the villagers are able to become aware nor the so-called few shopkeepers. However, Kovid 19 Block Sampling Officer Dr. Pukhraj Parwar says that his team’s Dr. Chetan Patidar, Shalu Rathore Sister and Kiran Maru Sister are doing the work of taking samples continuously. They are also explaining that they leave the house only when it is absolutely necessary. He said that of the 30 rapid tests that took place on Saturday, 2 of them were found positive.

Recently new cases have come out from these villages

According to the information received from the Health Department, the process of getting positive cases from small villages is not decreasing. These include Bala, Dantoli, Bhamanda, Padunikala, Bodli, Piparni, Ringnod, Ratanpura, Gumarpura, Dhuleti, Bhangarh, Songadh, Phulgaon, and many big villages located near Dasai.

Masks and physical distance in villages disappear

While the Corona cases are coming out of the villages itself. On the other hand, negligence is also being done here. People are now beginning to understand the elegance of sitting in a thicket under trees. In villages, no rule called mask and physical distance is applicable. People are not afraid to travel in rural areas without fear.

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Understand the condition of positive exit villages like this

Date Village (from where the cases came out)

1 May Tirla, Ahmed, said,

2 May Bhopawar, Barweli, Hatod, Ratanpura

3 May Ringnod, Dantoli

4 May Bhopawar, Semlipura, Kanjrota,

5 May Dhulet, Hanumantyakag

May 6, Dantoli, Bhopawar, Ringnod, Hanumantyakag,

Molana, Phulgaonari, Bodli

7 May Barweli, Maulana, Nayapura, Phulgaonri, Morgaon

Corona Curfew in Dhar: Corona curfew in Dhar district from 8 pm to 19 April 14 night
Corona Curfew in Dhar: Corona curfew in Dhar district from 8 pm to 19 April 14 night

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8 May Bhopawar, Barweli, Ringnod

May 9 said, Dantoli,

10 May Dantoli, Barweli

11 May Kumararundi

12 May Dantoli

13 May Ringnod, Dantoli,

14 May Bodli and Songadh

The process of getting positive every day continues. Positives are also coming out in samples sent to VTM. People should be vigilant and villagers also follow masks and physical distances. This allowed the corona chain to be broken.

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– Dr. Sheela Mujalda, BMO, Sardarpur

… then won’t corona spread by buses

Rajgarh Even though in the Corona era, the work of the workers from the trade to the shop and the daily wage laborers is stalled that the corona can spread. Surely the point of governance is correct, but the movement of buses through buses will not slow down Corona.

Many intellectuals of the city said this on Saturday. In fact, people say that selected buses are constantly moving on the scheduled route. At the same time, ridership in these buses is also being arranged in sufficient quantity without any distancing and without mask. Around 8 am on Saturday morning, a similar view was seen outside the new bus stand in Rajgarh. A large number of passengers were sitting in the bus coming from Dhar. But no system was seen regarding the mask and physical distance.