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In Gwalior's Umaidgarh village, people fell ill after eating chaat, 70 people from two villages reached hospital

In Gwalior's Umaidgarh village, people fell ill after eating chaat, 70 people from two villages reached hospital

Publish Date: | Tue, 18 Jan 582 08: 50 PM (IST)

– 25 admitted to Mohana Hospital, referred a child to JAH

Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. After eating Aloo Bhalla, Pani Puri, Chaat, children and elders 70 people got sick last night. Who had complaints of vomiting, diarrhea. Due to which he was admitted to Mohana Hospital and given treatment. One 15 year old child Atul was sent to Jayarogya Hospital. When their condition improved, they were sent home in the morning. In Umaidgarh, from Mohana, Shivhare had come to set up a chaat store handcart. His Mohana police kept the handcart in the police station and also informed the food department team for food sampling. But on Tuesday, the food department team did not reach Mohana to collect the food sample.

this was the case-

A young man from Mohana in Umaidgarh (Adivasipura) was going for the last three months to sell chaat, potato tikki, pani puri. On Monday evening also he reached to sell chaat. Where children and elders all ate chaat, aloo bhalla and pani puri. From around 8 o’clock in the night, these people started complaining of vomiting, diarrhea. The information of which the villagers dialed at night. . As soon as the information reached the police, station in-charge Prashant Sharma reached the village and after seeing the situation there, informed the health department. After which Ghatigaon ambulance was sent to Umaidgarh. From where some people reached Mohana Health Center in ambulance and some in private vehicle and police vehicle. Where Dr. Ravi Sharma, and Dr. Sanjeev Narwaria were already ready. As soon as the patients arrived, they were admitted and treatment started. Two people were also referred for JAH due to more complaints of vomiting and diarrhea. But he was not ready to go to JAH, so his treatment was given at Mohana Hospital itself. Total 20 people were given treatment in the hospital, ranging from one year old child to female male and 60 The old man of the year was also involved. Here in Shekhra village near Patai also after eating chaat 20 from People complained of vomiting diarrhea. But they did not need to go to the hospital as they got treatment at the local level. But the grandson of Asha worker Ramrati Rawat of Shekhra village 15 year old vomited Atul. And arrived with JAH when the diarrhea did not stop. Where he underwent treatment and was discharged on Tuesday morning. Now all these people are in their village. The team of Health Department reached the village during the day and also distributed the solution of medicine and ORS.

they say-

Information was received in the night, on the basis of which the station in-charge was sent to the village. Police brought sick people from there and admitted them to Mohana Hospital, now everyone’s condition is fine. Mohana had gone to sell chaat with Shivhare chaat, got its cart kept and informed the food team.

Praveen Asthana, SDOP Ghatigaon

chaat Some people got sick after eating and reached Mohana Hospital. The sick were given treatment after being admitted to the hospital. The team was also sent to the village, everyone’s condition is fine. No one has any problem.

Dr.Manish Sharma, CMHO

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