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The work of highway culverts became lethal

The work of highway culverts became lethal

Publish Date: | Wed, 06 Apr 02: 53 AM (IST)

Chhatarpur (Naiduniya representative). More than half a dozen culverts falling on the three km long route between Panna Naka to railway station on Rewa-Gwalior National Highway It has become lethal for the people. Accidents are happening here frequently, it has become difficult to drive. The contractors and responsible officials have become careless on behalf of their construction.

The three km journey between the old Panna Naka in the city to the railway station has become dangerous for the drivers. In fact, hundreds of vehicles ply on this highway every day, for which half a dozen culverts found within a radius of 3 km have become black spots. In these, two culverts have been left without widening, before Panna Naka, before Radio Colony and then after Colony, between Civil Line Police Station and Ware House, then in front of Chhatrasal Nagar, after Om Sai Ram Hotel. Let us inform here that the divider was constructed by the municipality from old Panna Naka to the railway station at a cost of Rs. He is going. Due to which the payment got stuck, the contractor stopped the construction. Similarly, the problem of widening of these culverts has also remained as it is stopped as soon as it starts. If we look at the condition of the highway, 40 feet wide highway near the culverts in 3 km Suddenly 20 Ft. has remained. Half a dozen culverts have become a danger to the passers-by. There are no signs on these bridges. Due to which suddenly a narrow culvert pit comes in front of the vehicles running on the wide road, often the drivers lose control of the vehicle near the culverts. In such a situation, many times vehicles have crashed by entering the culverts. If you look at the figures, about 7 people have lost their lives due to accidents due to these culverts have been injured. Municipality Deputy Engineer Baburam Chaurasia says that the construction of the divider has been stopped due to the power poles being in the middle, the work will be started as soon as they are shifted. Widening of:

The road has been widened to ten feet on both sides of the Rewa-Gwalior National Highway. This work has been done by the municipality after written permission from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), but no one paid any attention to widening the culverts. Although a few days ago, the municipality made a plan for the widening of the culverts, for the widening of the culvert built before the Paradise Colony, the construction material was also put on the spot, but the whole work of widening has remained limited to the government’s no-nonsense only. People say that the work of widening the culverts is going on at a tortoise pace, it will take many years to complete, till then how many people will fall in the culverts and become victims of accidents. People have described the narrow culverts in the middle of the wide highway as the most dangerous.

Shri Ram Janki Kund, the work of the crematorium stopped:

Nagar Due to the negligence of the municipality, all the ongoing construction work in the city has stopped. In which mainly Shriram Janki Kund located on Pathapur Road, crematorium of Muktidham located at Bijawar Naka and other construction works including drains of Pathapur Road. Shri Ram Janki Kund on Pathapur Road is being constructed at a cost of 1.5 crores. Which is closed for the last one and a half months due to lack of budget. Due to the closure of construction, iron bars and cement lying on the side have been stolen. The contractors complained to the police station, but till now no action has been taken. Construction work of drain on Pathapur road by the municipality at a cost of Rs. Percentage is completed, it is closed due to non-payment. People say that if the construction of this drain is not completed before the rains, then there will be a flood like situation in the colonies around Pathapur Road. Similarly, the construction work of crematorium at Bhainsasur Muktidham located at Bijawar Naka 42 has been done by the municipality. Was started which has been closed since last 42 days. With the walls of its building standing up to 8-8 feet 40 percent work The work has been stopped due to non-payment even after completion. CMO Ompal Singh Bhadauria says that the payment for the work of Ramjanki Kund, crematorium, divider and drain will be done in a day or two with the approval of the administrator.

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They say –

Widening of all the culverts on the highway and in the right way The construction will be completed soon. Information boards have been installed near the culverts, the border has also been marked by tying ribbons.

Ompal Singh Bhadauria

CMO, Municipality Chhatarpur

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