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Indore Fire Accident: Accused of killing seven people was in contact with ganja smugglers, statement recorded in front of camera

Indore Fire Accident: Accused of killing seven people was in contact with ganja smugglers, statement recorded in front of camera

Publish Date: | Thu, 12 May : 51 AM (IST)

Indore Fire Accident: Indore. Naiduniya representative. The accused who killed seven people by setting fire to vehicles and houses was also in contact with smugglers involved in the purchase of drugs. In the codeword from friends to buy ganja Used to talk This disclosure has come from the messages received in his mobile. The police have also recorded the statements in front of the camera.

According to DCP Zone-2 Sampat Upadhyay, Sanjay alias Shubham Dixit accused of Swarnbagh Colony fire incident is on police remand till May. The police have recovered the bike, bottle, matches used in the arson, now the statements of the witnesses are being taken. The police took the statements of relatives of seven people, including Ishwar Singh Sisodia, Neetu Singh Sisodia, who died in the accident, who lost their lives in the arson. The incident was going on. The girl said that two years ago she had a friendship with Sanjay. After that both of them started falling in love with each other. Due to the habit of beating him by intoxication, he stopped talking to him. Six months ago, the relationship with the young man living in Green Park was confirmed.

Sanjay then beat up in the parking lot. At the same time, when Ishwar and other residents intervened, Sanjay also set them on fire. Threatened to leave. The police have also video-recorded the statements of the girl. The statements will also be recorded before the court under the section 300 so that the statements do not turn from the court. According to the officers involved in the investigation, Sanjay was in contact with ganja smugglers. In his mobile chatting with friends, he was discussing about drinking ganja.

tried to break the door even a day ago

The police also got information that the accused had come to threaten the girl even a day before the incident. He tried to break the door but the youths sleeping on the terrace saw him and shouted and called the residents. After this he called the girl’s mother at night 11 Threatened. The accused also sent a message to a friend after the accident and said that he had committed the case and now he is going to Mumbai.

was missing in the lockup. The accused, the constable engaged for surveillance

Even after killing seven people, there is no wrinkle on Sanjay’s face. In the lockup, he is sitting missing. Do not talk to other prisoners, so a constable has been deployed. It has been six days but no one came to meet him from home. TI Tehzeeb Qazi informed father Devendra about the arrest but no one met. From time to time, the policemen give medicines after feeding them. Other policemen are not even allowed to talk. The investigator and TI only take him out. On being asked about the incident, he accepts to take revenge on the girl.

Posted By: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay

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