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Jabalpur News: Accused of injecting fake Remadecivir to father of lawyer advocate mobilized against City Hospital

Jabalpur News: Accused of injecting fake Remadecivir to father of lawyer advocate mobilized against City Hospital


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Advocates rallied to demand action, accusing Vijay Srivas, father of district court advocate Mahendra Srivas, of causing death by injecting fake Remedesivir at City Hospital. The memorandum was handed over to the Superintendent of Police under the leadership of District Bar Secretary Rajesh Tiwari, former Secretary Manish Mishra and Youth Advocates Association President Ravindra Dutt.

Seven Remadecivir injections were made: The memorandum stated that Vijay Shriwas, a resident of Shitala Mai, father of advocate Mahendra Shriwas, was admitted to the City Hospital due to a Kovid infection. Where seven remadecivir injections were made. All these were fake. Because of this, the condition of the patient continued to worsen. Seeing the condition worsening, he raised his hands with the doctors of the City Hospital. Pressure began to discharge the patient. After bringing home, the patient’s condition deteriorated more than before. Therefore, was admitted again. He eventually died. Later on seeing the file of the City Hospital, the shocking fact came out that within the file of Vijay Srivas, reports of the second base corona patients were attached. He was being treated after seeing them. Taking this negligence seriously, a crime should be registered against the city hospital operator Sarabjit Singh Mokha, Dr. Pradeep Patel, Sonia Khatri and Abhishek Chakraborty, among others, including section 302 of murder. If this is not done, the lawyers will launch a fierce agitation. Those who submitted the memorandum included Rajesh Tiwari, Manish Mishra, Ravindra Dutt, Shachindra Raghuvanshi, Aman Jain, Prashant Nayak, Amit Kohli, Amit Acharya, Gajendra Srivastava, Ajay Prajapati, Akash Tiwari, Bala Thakur, Pawan Sharma, Sandeep Mali, Rahul Rawat, Weather Vajpayee, Shaleep Khare, Azhar Qadri, Sushil Nigam, Manoj Raghuvanshi, Anmol Rishi, Bhavana Nigam, Santosh Jaiswal, Ashish Tiwari, Salim Khan, Mavassir Chaudhary, Rinkesh Maurya, Gaurav Singh Thakur, Chandra Bhushan, Shah Rukh Mansuri, Alamgir Asrafi, Rohit Patel , Ahmed Ali and others were involved.

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