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Jabalpur News: Birthday and anniversary celebration going on at home and online

Jabalpur News: Birthday and anniversary celebration going on at home and online


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. Lockdown and corona infection are all locked in their homes. By the way, this time is very good for the family, when everyone is spending time together. Those people in the family who are having birthdays and anniversaries are getting a little frustrated. Yet because the family is together, everyone is trying to make the day memorable. Somewhere gifts are being ordered online, and somewhere cakes and various dishes are being made at home.

Shipra Sullere, a resident of Vijay Nagar, told that it is the birthday of his nephew Arjava and all are celebrating at home together. The same thing happened last year. Arjava had a birthday and was a lockdown. Even at that time, we had celebrated at home. Because there is no other option. Already, all of us had received gifts for him online. The nephew is a little disappointed that he is not getting to enjoy with friends.

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We are explaining to him that next year he will be celebrating his 9th birthday very well with all friends and family. From cake to making all the dishes of her choice. So that he does not face any shortage. By sharing the photos of the entire family on the internet media, we have given her best wishes.

Similarly, Rashmi Jain, a resident of Gopalbagh, told that her son Ishaan and daughter-in-law Nehal have a second wedding anniversary. Last year, the first anniversary was also celebrated at home and this time too, you can do the same. We all say that there should be happiness in the mind. Happiness with the family increases further. Already had online gift manga for children. Friends have made a plan that not everyone can come together so friends of children are coming home at different times one by one. Along with this, we have shared the online photo on which all are congratulating and giving best wishes. Internet media is a great way to celebrate happiness at this time.