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Jabalpur News: Samadhi day of Sant Sitaram Dadda will be celebrated today

Jabalpur News: Samadhi day of Sant Sitaram Dadda will be celebrated today


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Rep. The Samadhi day of 120-year-old Paramhansa saint Sri Sitaramdas Dadda Maharaj, founder of the holy river Narmada Markandeya Dham, the holy shores of Narmada, the holy virtue of Nirmada, and the holy death of Sanskari, is celebrated on May 25 every year. Mahanta Vichitra Maharaj, the graceful disciple of Dadda ji, told that Samadhi Divas were edited every year on a grand level with religious social programs. This year, due to the more severe conditions and the crisis of epidemic on the nation, remembering the great promise of Dadda ji that when the nation is in crisis, the saints should increase their hymns. After consultation with the Bhakta Mandal, it was decided that on the death anniversary of Maharaj Ji, the Daduji’s devotees and disciples would worship Paduka at their homes all over the country to save the nation from crisis. Religious rituals will be performed at the Samadhi site in the ashram by Vichitra Maharaj, a disciple of Maharaj Shri. All the devotees have been requested by all the devotees by Dadda Sisya Mandal and Ashram family to dedicate their spiritual practice for the welfare of the nation and serve food donations to the needy people around them by reciting Yatashakti Hanuman Chalisa in their homes.

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