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Umaria: Tourists panic after seeing tiger running for hunting in Bandhavgarh

Umaria: Tourists panic after seeing tiger running for hunting in Bandhavgarh

Publish Date: | Thu, 02 Dec ) 05: 52 PM (IST)

Umaria, Naiduniya Rep. Even though tourists go to see the tiger in the forest, a panic always remains in their mind that the tiger has come out in an aggressive manner So what will happen and in reality, whenever the tiger comes out in this aggressive style, then the tourists definitely get sweaty. One such incident happened in the Tala range of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve when suddenly a tiger came out of the gypsies of tourists running at a high speed and started chasing its prey. However, monkeys and birds had already informed the tourists about the tiger’s escape. Due to which some tourists were conscious but those who did not understand it got panicked.

Tiger was running after the prey : Actually the tiger was running after one of its prey . When the tiger was far away in the dense forests, the sound of monkeys and birds became louder. The monkeys started chirping loudly and the birds started chirping. The sound of rustling was also coming somewhere in the distant forest, but it was not for everyone to understand what the sound was about. But as soon as the tiger came out of the dense forest, everyone was thrilled. The whole focus of the tiger was on its prey and it was running fast after it. Actually the tiger was chasing a deer which he wanted to catch at any cost. In the end, the tiger may have even caught the deer as it could not be confirmed. The tiger was lost in the dense forest while chasing its prey.

Video made by tourists : Mobile cameras of tourists are always on inside the forest. Tourists keep making videos of something or the other and this interest of tourists sometimes gives them good visuals. The same happened in this case as well. The tourists making the video were also successful in capturing the tiger that suddenly appeared in their camera. Video made by tourists is being liked a lot and people are enjoying it.

sounds of monkeys and birds in the video : During the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve evening safari, the tiger was captured by the tourists in their cameras while running after the prey. The voices of monkeys and birds are clearly heard in this video. When the tiger runs after the prey, the langur, peacock, chital make a special sound and warn the animals of the whole forest. Animals behave according to the ‘survival of the fittest’ principle in the jungle. This means that the one who is strong, will adapt himself according to the environment and on seeing the danger, he will be able to get out of there by being alert and only he will survive.

Posted By: Brajesh Shukla

NaiDunia Local