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MP weather update: cyclone changed in cyclone today, there are chances of rain in many places

MP weather update: cyclone changed in cyclone today, there are chances of rain in many places


Bhaepal (Navdunia Representative). The cyclonic storm forming in the Arabian Sea has now changed into a cyclone from the region of Avteab. According to meteorologists, this system is expected to move in this north, north-west direction after being in the sea for about 24 hours. On May 16, it is expected to hit the coast of Gujarat. Due to this effect, a series of thunderstorms can start in many districts of Madhya Pradesh including the capital from Saturday. May 18-19 can be rainy throughout Madhya Pradesh with strong winds.

According to information received from the Meteorological Center, the wind trend remained Friday. Due to the humidity with the wind, most of the districts of the state including the capital were cloudy. Due to this, the maximum temperature remained almost constant. The maximum temperature of the capital was recorded at 40.8 degrees Celsius. Go that it was normal. Meteorologist Ajay Shukla said that there is currently an upper air cyclone over Pakistan. A Dranika line (trough) remains from this cyclone to Uttar Pradesh. There is also an upper air cyclone over Vidarbha. At the same time, due to the continuous stir in the atmosphere due to the stir caused by the storm rising in the Arabian Sea, there is a possibility of rains with thunder and shine in the districts of Gwalior, Chambal and divisions from Saturday onwards.

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Showers are likely to begin. There is a possibility of loss of moong, mango crop

Agricultural Specialist and Retired Agricultural Director Dr. GS Kaushal informed that at present the mango crop has been very good. The moong crop is also in better condition. Due to strong winds and rain, these crops will be greatly damaged. Actually, mung is a pulses crop. It is a low water crop. If the water rains too much, there is a possibility of damage to this crop. Also, wheat kept in the open in the procurement centers will also be completely spoiled. The government should make immediate arrangements for its storage.