No action is being taken to remove the encroachment spread on the road


Gotegaon (AboutGyan News). A portion of the road from Fuhara to the railway bridge in the city has been in the grip of encroachment for a long time. Vehicles are moving through a section of the road. The administration is not removing encroachments on the road. The road from Fuhara Chowk to Kunda was constructed three years ago at a cost of about 70 crores. Action has not been taken by the administration even after the encroachment on the road in the city for a long time.

Citizens say that a portion of the road from Fuhara Chowk to the railway bridge is vulnerable to encroachment of vehicles and shops. There is a pile of construction material on the road itself. Due to which the movement of vehicles is coming from another part of the road. The officials of Public Works Department are also indifferent in removing this encroachment and the police is also not taking action. The situation is that in front of the police station, tea, paan and saloon shops are on the road. The band’s stand is standing. There is no action to remove it. Parking of passenger vehicles including freighters is on the road itself. Citizens have demanded from the administration that action should be taken as soon as possible to remove encroachment caused by misuse of the road. Local citizens say that there is less corona curfew then the movement of vehicles is less, but as soon as there is an unlock, the traffic pressure on the road will increase. In such a situation, there will be a possibility of accidents due to movement of vehicles on one side of the road.

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