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One lakh quintal wheat soaked due to rain

One lakh quintal wheat soaked due to rain


Chhatarpur (AboutGyan Representative). Due to cyclone (cyclone) passing over the state, the entire state as well as the district received heavy rains. Although it had been raining intermittently for the last three days, but it rained heavily for about one and a half hours on Tuesday from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. According to the Meteorological Department, 12 mm of rainfall was recorded in the last hour and a half. While on Monday, 7 mm of rain was received. There is also a possibility of about one lakh quintal of wheat being soaked badly in the 145 wheat procurement centers of the district due to rain.

One and a half hours of heavy rain: Due to the influence of cyclone, the district received heavy rainfall on Tuesday. By the way, the district was intermittently raining since Sunday evening. On Monday even in the evening there was intermittent rain. It rained heavily from about 4 pm to 5.30 pm on Tuesday evening. This rain occurred in the entire district including Chhatarpur city. Meteorological Department Khajuraho posted RS Parihar said that on Tuesday, 12 mm of rain was received in one and a half hours in the evening. According to Parihar, 7 mm of rainfall was also recorded on Monday. According to RS Parihar, the rains received rains in the district due to cyclone passing over the region. There is a possibility of rain in the district on Wednesday as well.

Temperature drop:

The weather became pleasant due to heavy rains for one and a half hours on Tuesday. Day temperatures also dropped by about 4 degrees Celsius. Along with this, night temperatures have also come down. According to Meteorological Department Khajuraho, the maximum temperature was recorded at 36.5 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature was 22.4 degree Celsius on Tuesday. Whereas till two days ago, the night temperature was being recorded around 26-27 ° C and daytime temperature around 41 ° C.

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About one lakh quintal of wheat is wet

In the wheat procurement centers of 145 districts, the weighing of farmers’ wheat is not being done properly for the last one week. The district administration has reduced sending of gunny bags to most procurement centers. A week ago, Collector Shelendra Singh had instructed that now wheat procurement centers should be procured at special monitoring under wheat as most farmers have sold wheat, now traders are feared of buying old wheat. After this statement of the Collector, the arrival of Bardana has reduced at most centers. Here in the district, after the effect of corona has reduced, farmers are reaching with wheat. In such a situation, farmers are waiting for four days because of no gunny bags. Even after buying 26 thousand 360 quintals of wheat at 145 centers of the district on Tuesday, it is lying for transportation. With this, 41 thousand 485 farmers have given wheat. While more than 51 thousand farmers had registered. In such a situation, the wheat of about 09 thousand farmers has not reached the centers yet. These farmers have been carrying wheat at the centers for the last 04 days.