Outrage in Jain society due to propaganda


Ratlam. Due to the propaganda being done against Jain society, resentment against Anup Mandal is increasing among Jains across the country. A memorandum in this regard is being demanded by the office-bearers of Jain society across the country to arrest the concerned. In this episode, under the guidance of National President of Aiza Hardik Hundia, Chief Counsel Pawan Nahar, under the guidance of Patron Abhay Surana, State President Rajkumar Haran, State General Secretary Pradeep Jain, State Vice President Akhilesh Jain and office bearers condemned the works of Anoop Mandal of Rajasthan. The memorandum in the name of Ramnath Kovind was handed over to Naib Tehsildar Naveen Garg. State President Rajkumar Haran read the memorandum.

Through the memorandum, Aiza told that the officers of Anoop Mandal are doing the work of dissolving poison in the peaceful fiza by spreading propaganda against the Jain saint. They are doing the work of sowing the seeds of disharmony among the public with factless things, whereas Jain society is a disciplined society following the non-violence dominant religion. From time to time, Jain brothers have done many public welfare works for the people of India. Anup Mandal’s allegations are baseless and beyond comprehension.

Memorandum also submitted in Dalot

Dalot (Rajasthan). The Jain community of the village submitted a memorandum to the development officer Laxmilal Yadav and former head Vijendra Singh Chundawat. Kamal Ostwal of Jain society said that Anoop Mandal is continuously spreading propaganda against Jain society. The members of the Mandal are instigating people against Jainism by roaming in the village. Strict action should be taken against Anoop Mandal after getting this serious matter investigated. While giving the memorandum Kamal Ostwal, Sunil Jain, Ramnik Jain, Bherulal Jain, Ritesh Ostwal, Manish Jain, Vikas Jain, Shubham Jain, Arpit Bohra, Deepak Mehta, Ravi Mehta, Vijay Jain, Lakhan Dhing, Paras Jain including Dalot, Ninor, Bhachundla Jain Samajjan of Dalot Panchayat Samiti area including Sakhathali, Raipur were present.

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Argued with wife, set fire to gas tank

Ratlam. In Krishna Vihar Colony adjoining Tanker Road, a man had a dispute with his wife and set the gas tank on fire. Due to this the gas tank burst and the items kept in the house got burnt. According to the information, Uttam Yadav had a dispute with his wife Varsha on Friday evening over some issue. During this, he threatened to set the gas tank on fire by beating his wife and children. The wife went out with the children. Neighbors called Varsha’s brother by phone. Meanwhile, Uttam closed the door of the house from inside and set the gas tank on fire and hid himself in the bathroom. After a while the tank burst. A police team from the Industrial Area police station reached the spot and extinguished the fire and took Uttam into custody.

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